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Sunday, June 23, 2024  
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Bianca Belair reacts to Jade Cargill’s beach photos from Saudi Arabia visit

Belair will face Nia Jax in SmackDown side of Queen of Ring tournament semifinals
A combination of file photos show Bianca Belair (left) and Jade Cargill (right). Photos via X
A combination of file photos show Bianca Belair (left) and Jade Cargill (right). Photos via X

WWE Superstars Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill recently visited Saudi Arabia, where they spent some time at the beach. Cargill shared photos from their beach outing on Instagram, which caught the attention of Belair.

“I took these!!!! Ayyyeee!!!” Belair said in an Instagram post and added that she was the one who took the photos of Cargill.

Belair and Cargill are currently the reigning WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, having won the titles at the Backlash France Premium Live Event. The duo has formed a strong partnership, with Cargill praising Belair in a previous interview.

She also spoke about her first meeting with the “EST” while appearing on the Battleground podcast.

“We’re two strong females. We go out there with both a hybrid. She can do all the athletic things, and I can do all those athletic things. She’s strong, and she’s the EST. I’m just as strong or stronger. We’re out here just, I don’t know, like we just mesh. The first moment we met each other was like, ‘Hey friend, how you doing? Hey, friend, how you doing?’ It was just the easiest like we had just known each other for so long.”

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This week, Belair will face Nia Jax in the SmackDown side of the Queen of the Ring tournament semifinals, while Cargill suffered her first-ever singles loss in WWE against Jax last Friday.

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