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18-year-old Chicago teen youngest to receive doctoral degree

Tillman obtained her associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees by age 14
The image shows Dorothy Tillman graduating at the age of 18. Photo via Instagram/@dorothyjeanius
The image shows Dorothy Tillman graduating at the age of 18. Photo via Instagram/@dorothyjeanius

Chicago woman Dorothy Jean Tillman earned her doctoral degree at the age of 18, CNN reported.

Tillman obtained her associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees by age 14 and was determined to pursue a doctorate.

In the pandemic, Tillman launched her STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) startup, deciding to opt for a doctoral programme.

Her mother, Jimalita Tillman, was stunned due to her daughter’s decision; however, she supported her after understanding her mission to contribute to and impact young individuals’ mental health.

She worked hard for two years, delivering her dissertation and graduating from Arizona State University’s College of Health Solutions on May 8, becoming Dr. Dorothy Jean Tillman.

She excelled in her studies, doing high school-level work by the age of seven and taking college-level module tests to accumulate credits towards her higher education at a young age.

Tillman also runs the Dorothy Jeanius STEAM Leadership Institute, which inspires hundreds of underserved young people in Chicago, as well as abroad in countries like Ghana and South Africa, to pursue STEAM careers.

“I’ve been focusing on my studies a lot and I don’t go nearly as much as I should. Now I’m glad to have the time for things like that,” Tillman said.

She also hopes to expand her reach, potentially franchising the camps to help more children, and to work more with kids in Africa.

“It’s teamwork that makes the dream work. It is a village that builds the land. It’s having those people there with you that is going to, you know, uphold you at the end of the day,” she added.

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