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Tuesday, June 25, 2024  
18 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

PTI candidates to contest elections as independent candidates

Barrister Gohar Khan says party will file review petition
PTI election symbol of bat or not, people will vote for Imran Khan: Gohar Ali Khan - Aaj News

After the Supreme Court’s verdict on a petition against the restoration of the bat symbol, PTI’s Barrister Gohar Khan has stated that his party candidates would contest the delayed general elections as an independent.

“Although this decision has deprived us of bat and took away 227 reserve seats, our candidates will contest elections as an independent and on independent symbols,” he told reporters outside the Supreme Court on Saturday.

The apex court’s verdict changed the fate of PTI less than a month before the February 8 delayed general elections. The former ruling party, which claims to be the most popular party in the country, had awarded many lawyers tickets on Saturday for the NA seats.

When asked, Gohar explained that when someone contests polls as an independent then they are not bound by any party rules and instructions. Article 63 (Disqualifications for membership of Parliament) of the Constitution does not apply to them, he added.

He added that the party would issue a new list of candidates awarded tickets and hold campaigns for them with their symbols.

“Hopefully we will review this decision and this decision at the end of the day won’t be restored,” Gohar said and added that the party would defeat the anti-PTI forces on Feb 8.

According to Gohar, there was nothing wrong with the SC giving the decision late at night. He was of the view that it was a usual practice.

He started speaking to reporters by saying that he was disappointed with the SC decision, saying “a new chapter has been added to the SC’s unpopular and controversial decisions”.

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Gohar, who had succeeded Imran Khan in the nullified intra-party polls, said that their petition was rejected on a technical basis. He added that it was a heavy blow to the 250 million people.

He added that it was against a party enjoying 70% popularity in the country. It was a step to disenfranchise over 100 million voter of PTI, Gohar said.

He stated that none of the party members ever raised objections to the intra-party elections, adding: “Imran Khan voice is clear whether bat remains or not… people will hopefully vote on Khan’s call.”

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