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Tuesday, June 18, 2024  
11 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Instagram slogan ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ sparks global movement

Over 40.2 million people shared it in just one day
Screenshot of an Instagram story with the viral slogan ‘All Eyes on Rafah’.
Screenshot of an Instagram story with the viral slogan ‘All Eyes on Rafah’.

An Instagram slogan, “All Eyes on Rafah” has caught the interest of people from all parts of the world with more than 40.2 million shares in just one day.

The idea behind the movement began with an “Add Yours” template that was developed by a user on Instagram, who has gained over 25,000 followers since starting it. This user created a picture using artificial intelligence showing white tents arranged in such a way that they spell out the famous phrase with refugee camps in Rafah as its background.

The “All Eyes on Rafah” campaign has been expanded into various platforms. The success of this project can be attributed in part to the ‘Add Yours’ feature offered by Instagram where people can add their own stories into a big one.

Experts in social media have stated that such a feature helped in spreading the message thus making it go viral even more.

It has also raised debates concerning AI’s ability to create artworks meant to advocate different causes.

While many supported the initiative, some users felt that it was imposing restrictions on freedom of speech and thoughts shared online, especially among Palestinian journalists and activists. Based on claims made by various sources, reports are showing how content has been deleted or pulled down for not adhering to set rules and regulations imposed by these companies.

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