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Manto brand tells customers to stay safe and set aside its products if necessary

The brand has many products with Urdu words and couplets on them
Photos via Manto
Photos via Manto

Karachi-based lothing brand, Manto, has called on its consumers to set aside its products and prioritise their safety in light of the incident in Lahore.

The brand has crafted a niche for itself with clothes sporting urdu words and couplets from famous Urdu writers. However, the brand said in a statement that it had taken care not to include any words that could put customers in danger.

“In light of the current events, we feel extremely sad seeing all that has happened. This is why we wanted to address this heart-wrenching issue,” the brand said in a statement on Instagram. However, it did not directly allude to incident in Lahore’s Ichra.

“As a brand, Manto is committed to ensuring that our actions align with our values. Which is why

  1. We consciously avoid using words that might have double meanings.
  2. Manto designs do not feature any poetry or words that may directly or indirectly reference or address God.“

The brand went on to say that customers should set aside their products if they feel unsafe.

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“And at any given moment if you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe wearing your Manto outfit then please just set them aside,”

However, Manto also took care to thank the customers for their support.

The statement comes soon after a woman was surrounded by a mob in Lahore after she went out wearing a dress with Arabic calligraphy on it.

The woman had to be rescued by Lahore’s police after a tense standoff. She also had to issue an apology.

Speaking to Dawn, Manto founder Salman Parekh said that the inciden was worrying but provided an opportunity to begin a conversation around the issue.

“Whether it’s a disagreement we’re tackling or extremism, we believe in the power of dialogue, being able to ask the right questions and tackling those questions the right way will educate people,” he said.

“It’s completely fine if someone thinks our dresses are not the kind that should be worn because we encourage everyone to come to the table and talk about it,” Parekh added.

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