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Poonam Pandey lands in legal trouble after faking death

At least three police complaints have been filed against the model
Photo via Instagram/@poonampandeyreal
Photo via Instagram/@poonampandeyreal

Indian model Poonam Pandey found herself in hot waters after faking her death as social media influencer Faizan Ansari demanded the Mumbai police to arrest the model for spreading false rumours of her death, Gulf News reported on Monday.

“Indian actress, and model Poonam Pandey has made fun of the entire country. As a Mumbai citizen, I blame Poonam Pandey for lying, cheating, making fun of a major disease like cancer, and insulting people suffering from cancer,” he said in a letter to the police commissioner.

Pandey’s team on February 2 said that she “has tragically passed away this morning due to Cervical Cancer, leaving the entertainment industry in shock and mourning.”

Ansari claimed that Pandey carried out the stunt to get publicity and create a sensation by misleading people.

It is pertinent to mention that the police complaint is the third against the model as the Cine Workers Association and Advocate Ali Kasif had also filed complaints against the model.

The complaints were filed after Pandey said that she faked her death to raise awareness about cervical cancer.

“I’m alive. I didn’t die because of cervical cancer,” she said in a video post on Instagram. “Unfortunately, I cannot say about hundreds and thousands of women who have lost their lives because of cervical cancer.”

A flurry of obituaries from media outlets followed the original announcement and her Wikipedia page was also updated to reflect her apparent death, while Bollywood stars posted mournful tributes.

However, after revealing that she was alive, many lambasted Pandey for what one commenter described as her “attention-seeking behaviour”.

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