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Saturday, July 13, 2024  
06 Muharram 1446  

Losing poll symbol ‘bat’ a major blow to the PTI: Abid Zuberi

PBC chairman Hasan Raza says PTI was being targeted ahead of elections
Barrister Gohar Khan big announcement regarding PTI Bat symbol | Rubaroo | Aaj News

Legal expert Abid Zuberi has said that PTI will have a hard time in the elections after it lost its electoral symbol ‘bat’.

“It will be difficult for the electorate to find PTI candidates as most of the voters cast their votes to electoral symbol. It is also a very bad decision to strip the party off its symbol,” he told Shaukat Piracha on Rubaroo.

According to Zuberi, the PTI is not provided a field, let alone a level-playing field ahead of the elections.

“Other parties approved by established have level playing field,” he said.

On PTI approaching Peshawar High Court, Zuberi said that people plea before a court where they expect they can get relief in a case.

Supreme Court advocate Raja Khalid said that the intra-party elections of most political parties are held on the basis of nomination.

However, they comply with the election provisions and complete the formalities to deceive the Election Commission, he added.

“This [PTI] election was held without showing voter list and nomination papers to anybody. The party did not disclose the electoral college,” he added.

Pakistan Bar Council Chairman Hasan Raza Pasha said the PBC was criticised by several quarters after it voiced concerns over the absence of a level playing field in the country.

“We were accused of conspiring when we raised our voice. We are not affiliated with any political party,” he added.

Pasha was of the view that all political parties conduct their intra-party elections in a similar fashion to that of the PTI, however, he said that the party should have kept in mind that they were a target.

“PTI leaders knew that they were a target and had an idea before the decision was announced, yet they still conducted their election in a way that was challenged in the ECP,” he added.

Pasha went on to say that free and fair elections were essential for Pakistan, adding: “There is no benefit to conduct elections if they are not free and fair.”

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