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Sunday, June 16, 2024  
09 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Khadija Shah sent to jail for seven days amid reports of deal

She was arrested a day earlier by Lahore police for her involvement in Jinnah House attack

An anti-terrorism court of Lahore sent Khadija Shah, the prime accused in the Corps Commander House attack case, to jail on seven days remand on Wednesday.

The Punjab police presented her before the court today.

Her face was covered when she was escorted in by police. The court granted her permission to meet her husband.

During the proceedings, the police requested for her to be sent to jail for an identification parade. However, the case against Khadija Shah is currently under investigation in the high court.

Following this, the court ordered the investigation officer to appear before it with the relevant records in order to reach a decision.

After considering all the arguments, the court issued an order for the authorities to remand her to jail for seven days for an identification parade.

The court adjourned the hearing until May 30.

Reports of a deal

Reports emerged on Wednesday that a deal had allegedly been struck before Khadija Shah’s arrest, promising that she would not be tried under the Army Act.

The deal was allegedly brokered by a former TV anchor and Shah offered herself up for arrest after police gave assurances.

She will not be kept in a police lockup and will instead reside in a separate room where she will be accompanied by a female police official. She will be allowed to meet family.

Accusations and arrest

Khadija Shah is one of the main people accused in the Corps Commander House attack case. She surrendered to the authorities on Tuesday.

She offered her arrest at the Crime Investigation Agency station in Iqbal Town and was arrested by DSP Muhammad Ali Butt.

The Corps Commander House in Lahore was attacked when protests broke out across Pakistan in the wake of Imran Khan’s arrest from Islamabad on May 9.

Khadija, a fashion designer, is the daughter of former finance minister Salman Shah and the granddaughter of former army chief Asif Janjua.

The police made multiple raids for her arrest but she had managed to evade them each time.

In a recently released audio clip that was attributed to her, Khadija could be heard saying that she was more “military than civilian”. She added that while she was present at the protest at the Corps Commander’s house, she was neither involved, nor instigated the acts of vandalism or arson.

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