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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
17 Muharram 1446  

Here is what AI thinks about Pakistan’s participation in World Cup 2023

The 50-over tournament is scheduled to be played later this year
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

At the moment there is no breaking of ice between Pakistan and India relations despite the recent visit of Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to India for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation held at Goa.

Fans are curious to know about Pakistan’s participation in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) showpiece event.

In a recent interview with the Indian Express, PCB management committee chairman Najam Sethi cleared that they would not travel to India if they (BCCI) won’t oblige to play Asia Cup in Pakistan.

“Our government will not allow us to play World Cup in India because their government stopped BCCI to tour Pakistan for Asia Cup,” Sethi said.

We also asked senior sports journalist and analyst Mirza Iqbal Baig about the PCB’s stance and possible outcomes if Pakistan boycott the World Cup.

He said that the PCB is not in a position to boycott the World Cup because it is an ICC event. If it does, Pakistan would face isolation in the cricket world and suffer major financial losses.

However, Mirza believes that PCB’s stance on the issue is valid and it would benefit Pakistan in future events, especially in the ICC Champions Trophy hosted by the PCB.

Here is what he said:

Moreover, we also inquired about the same matter from ChatGPT, and here is what it replied.

“As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions or beliefs. However, I can provide you with some information and context regarding this matter. The decision of whether Pakistan should play in the ICC World Cup in India amid ongoing political tension between both countries is ultimately up to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the International Cricket Council (ICC). The PCB has stated that it will seek assurances from the ICC regarding the safety and security of its players and officials before making a final decision on whether to participate in the tournament,” it said.

“It is worth noting that sports have often been used as a way to improve diplomatic relations between countries, and cricket has a particularly strong following in both India and Pakistan. However, tensions between the two countries have also spilled over into the world of sports in the past, with cricket matches being cancelled or relocated due to political tensions. Ultimately, the decision of whether Pakistan should play in the ICC World Cup in India will likely be influenced by a range of factors, including concerns about safety and security, diplomatic considerations, and the desires of players and fans,” the AI concluded.

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