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Tuesday, June 18, 2024  
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Visit visa holders in UAE advised to carry over 300 Dirham in cash

Authorities are enforcing strict entry requirements to ensure compliance: says tourism agencies
Dubai airport with staff to finish boarding process. AFP
Dubai airport with staff to finish boarding process. AFP

Tourists visiting Dubai on a visit visa are advised to carry at least 3,000 Emirati dirhams in cash, have a valid return ticket, and provide proof of accommodation before boarding their flight to the United Arab Emirates, Khaleej Times reported.

Tourism agencies have stated that the authorities are enforcing these strict entry requirements to ensure compliance.

Some passengers have reported being stopped at Indian airports and prevented from boarding their flights to Dubai because they failed to meet these entry criteria.

“People travelling to Dubai must have a valid visa with a passport having a validity of at least six months. One must carry a confirmed return ticket. These are checks that are being done earlier,” Firoz Maliyakkal, the founder and CEO of Tahira Tours and Travels, said.

According to Maliyakkal, authorities are conducting checks to verify that travellers have sufficient funds to support their stay in Dubai.

The requirement is for the equivalent of at least 3,000 Emirati dirhams in cash or on a credit card, as per CEO of Tahira Tours and Travels.

Additionally, travellers must provide valid proof of accommodation, which can be in the form of an address for a relative’s or friend’s home, or a hotel booking confirmation.

“Airport checks are being conducted to safeguard travellers arriving in Dubai. There have been many cases of overstaying. This step by the authorities will positively impact the tourism sector of the emirate,” Rooh Travel and Tourism Libin Varghese said.

There have been instances of travellers being stranded at Dubai’s airports after arriving without the necessary documentation.

On May 20, when Indian tourist Abhishek arrived at Cochin International Airport to board his flight to Dubai, he was not permitted to enter the airport. Abhishek had been hoping to visit his brother-in-law Bijesh, who lives in Dubai.

He was unable to board his scheduled Spice Jet flight, losing the money he earned.

However, the airline representatives told Bijesh that there was nothing they could do, as the strict entry requirements were being enforced rigorously by the authorities. They explained that it was the responsibility of the passenger, Abhishek, to ensure he met all the necessary conditions to be allowed to board the flight.

As a result, Abhishek was unable to recover the money he had spent on the Spice Jet flight. Now, he is in the process of arranging additional funds and booking new tickets so that he can attempt to fly to Dubai again to visit his brother-in-law Bijesh.

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