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Tuesday, June 18, 2024  
11 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Sajjad Ali stages comeback to Coke Studio Season 15

Chal Chaliye is the latest from 'sound of the nation'
The image shows Sajjad Ali. Screengrab via Coke Studio
The image shows Sajjad Ali. Screengrab via Coke Studio

Pakistani singer Sajjad Ali made a major comeback with the international music franchise Coke Studio Season 15 after six years. 

The song, Chal Chaliye, was sung by Sajjad Ali and Farheen Raza Jaffrey. Sajjad wore a shirt and waistcoat. Jaffry was seen in a maroon ensemble paired with some Desi jewellery.

The song ‘Chal Chaliye’ portrays “finding the courage to break free from limitations, follow your dreams, and fully embrace your true self, even in the face of challenges or criticism from the world.”

He last featured in the Coke Studio in 2017 when the 10th edition was launched. It is his third appearance at the platform.

Ali’s career started with the song ‘Babia’ which made him famous in the industry. He went on to release several prolific albums, such as ‘Babia 93’, ‘Chief Sahib’ and ‘Sohni Lag Di’.

He also wrote famous songs for Mansoor’s hit film ‘Bol’ in 2011. His single album ‘Har Zulm’ was released in 2013.

Ali has been a regular staple at Coke Studio, singing songs such as ‘Tum Naraz Ho’ and ‘Ronay Na Diya’.

“No matter what the genre may be, songwriting will remain the central idea behind memorable music and that can only be improved with more exposure to all sorts of music and a yearning for experimenting,” he said in an interview.

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