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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
16 Muharram 1446  

Were army helicopters used to dry wheat in viral video?

An army aviation officer thinks otherwise

A video recently posted to social media showed helicopters hovering close to the ground over an open field. The caption claimed that the helicopters were being used to dry wheat.

However, the claim is not true.

Although it has still not been found where or when the video was recorded, it first emerged on TikTok a few days ago.

BBC Urdu asked a former Army Aviation officer about whether the claim abotu drying wheat could be true.

The officer categorically said that the claim is fals since the helicopters seen in the video are in a formation commonly used by army helicopters.

He also identified that the helicopters, most of them Cobras, are fighter aircrafts in nature and are unlikely to be used for such an exercise.

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The officer told the BBC that such formations are used in training to simulate situations where the helicopters have to arrange themselves just before undertaking an attack.

He added that the tree line visible in the video could seemingly serve as an imaginary landmark over which the enemy could be placed according to the simulation.

The officer also added that such exercises are usually conducted in areas around Punjab in Multan and are announced in advance.

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