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How to calculate gas bill in Pakistan

South Asian country’s gas reserves have been depleting

Gas prices have gone through the roof in Pakistan after massive increases in the rates over the last couple of months, making it difficult for the people already living under back-breaking inflation.

Earlier this month, the Economic Coordination Committee increased gas prices by up to 45% to recover an additional Rs242 billion from all categories of consumers to meet another condiiton of the $3 billion International Monetary Fund programme.

Although a significant part of the decision targeted the cash-rich fertiliser companies, the textile industry managed to get away with a smaller raise.

The ECC allowed Rs50 per unit increase for protected domestic consumers with less than 0.25 hundred cubic metres (hcm) consumption to Rs170 per mmBtu from the existing Rs121 per unit, up almost 41%.

Here we have a table which tells households where they stand according to the consumption of units which is shown in Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) bills.

The minimum bill for protected consumers stands at Rs687 if they use up to 0.2 units while those who use 0.4 units would have to pay Rs886 each month.

Units consumption Monthly Bill
0.2 Rs687
0.4 Rs886
0.6 Rs1,168
0.8 Rs1,156
0.9 Rs1,713

Moreover, consumers who use 0.8 units or over 0.9 units would pay Rs1,566 and Rs1,713 per month respectively.

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Meanwhile, the Sui gas bill unit for non-protected consumers is different as the proposed gas tariff would cover Rs98 billion worth of shortfall for both gas companies.

Units consumption Monthly Bill
0.2 Rs1,646
0.4 Rs2,285
0.6 Rs2,997
0.8 Rs4,410
0.9 Rs4,934
1.2 Rs5,457
1.5 Rs9,499
2 Rs15,496
2.5 Rs25,233
3 Rs32,144
3.5 Rs51,829
4 Rs59,787
4.5 and above Rs72,946

The minimum bill for non-protected users would be 1,646 and those using one unit would receive a bill of Rs5,457.

It merits here to mention that the country would have a new IMF loan programme after the new government comes in. According to a Bloomberg News report, Pakistan plans to seek a new loan of at least $6 billion from the IMF.

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