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Monday, May 20, 2024  
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Elections still seem far away: Hamid Mir

Adds that Imran Khan has proved analysts wrong at every stage

Renowned journalist Hamid Mir said on Friday that Imran Khan has proven analysts wrong multiple times in recent years and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s candidates should not be counted out of the upcoming elections. He also said that though only a few days away, elections still seem to be far off.

Speaking to Shaukat Piracha in Rubaroo, Mir said that PMLN has always fared well in central Punjab even though PTI dented that position in 2018.

He said that latest surveys still show PTI ahead of PMLN but the gap has narrowed significantly in recent months.

Mir said that PMLN’s stated position is to have Nawaz Sharif as prime minister, Maryam Nawaz as Punjab’s chief minister and Ishaq Dar as finance minister.

He added that Shehbaz had never gone against his elder brother and was not likely to do as anytime soon.

However, he said that February 8 still seems far away and all analysis could be end up being in haste.

He said analysts had been proven wrong on Imran Khan multiple times, including his survival outside power, his survival in jail and his party’s prospects without bat.

Mir said that multiple parties were hoping that PTI-affiliated candidates would end up joining them after winning elections.

He said that Bilawal’s statements about releasing political prisoners was merely an appeal to PTI voters to suuport him in elections. He added that PTI voters will not buy this logic easily.

The anchor also said that releasing political prisoners will not be in Bilawal’s power either. He added that no prime minister has been powerful enough to open the doors of jail at his will.

However, he said that Bilawal has worked hard during the campaign and has even visited areas where Nawaz, Shehbaz and even Maulana Fazal ur Rehman have not managed to visit.

Mir said that Bilawal’s campaign will likely yield more seats for the PPP in the election compared to the previous election.

He added that it was not easy to dismiss PTI affiliated candidate in Karachi and a tough contest would likely be contested in the city.

Bushra’ in subjail

Mir said Khawar Maneka kept in touch with Bushra Begum through their son and was even involved in transfers and postings in Punjab. He added that Maneka had taken advantage of Bushra Bibi’s status as first lady as long as Imran Khan was prime minister.

He said that his sources had confirmed that Bushra was forcibly sent to Bani Gala after she arrived in Adiala Jail to offer arrest.

Mir said that Imran Khan does not want a political role for his wife and sister and they have only been forced to coem forward due to the current conditions.

He added that whoever had planned May 9 had hurt PTi as Imran Khan would not have been easily arrested without it.

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