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Saturday, April 20, 2024  
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Faysal Quraishi sees upcoming general elections as one-sided

'I am saying many things in hidden words,' says Quraishi about the election.

Veteran actor Faysal Quraishi has expressed disappointment over the lack of strategies for promotion of the country’s rich culture and emphasized political history which creates obstacles to extending it to the world.

Talking to Aaj News at the inauguration of Cultural Mart Sindh, he said the elections should be free and fair but he sees the current scenario as one-sided.

“I am saying many things in hidden words,” says Quraishi about the election.

Faysal Quraishi believes that rapid change at the top slot of government affects the culture and art industry. “When any government takes steps related to promoting culture it has been ousted. The successors change those policies and lift previous,” Quraishi said.

The actor, who himself has toured vastly across Pakistan, appreciated the government’s initiative of a cultural mart and said Pakistan is a country with a diversity of cultures.

Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan, and every part have different values, clothes, traditional food and many things, he said.

Quraishi said he is pained when he sees different aspects of culture that are limited to an area.

‘Khalid Butt was very passionate’

“We had an idea during shooting about his pain which he was undergoing,” Quraishi said about the late Khalid Butt, who took breathed his last on January 11.

“He was a man with full energy,” he said, adding that the team had to postpone their shot due to her medical conditions, but he was very passionate and in every scene, he expressed his energy.

Faysal Quraishi said Butt’s last talk to him made him teary when Faysal sent him a poster of their upcoming drama he replied to him in Punjabi: “Producers sent me at the peak of success, they brought me on the poster, and no one brought me here before.”

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