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Monday, May 20, 2024  
11 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Palestinian Muslims’ resilience inspires 30 Australian women to embrace Islam

Christine Crnogonac expressed her profound connection to concept of one God in Islam
Photos via Turkish newspaper
Photos via Turkish newspaper

At least 30 Australian women have embraced Islam after being inspired by the courage of Muslims in Gaza where Israel has been conducting air strikes in response to the October 7 attack of Hamas.

The event was held at the ICMG Meadow Heights Mosque in Melbourne, according to a foreign news agency.

Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 23,000 Palestinians, according to the health ministry in Gaza. Most of the deceased were children. Over 50,000 people have so far been injured.

Turkish media shared a video on Instagram in which women wearing abayas take turns reciting the Kalma-i- Shahadat.

“The resistance in Gaza has profoundly resonated with Australian women, leading to a wave of religious conversions in Melbourne. In the past month alone, 30 people have been inspired to embrace Islam, reflecting the far-reaching impact of global political and social issues on individual beliefs and cultural dynamics,” Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak said in the post.

“So, I have been feeling very happy a lot of piece since I reverted two weeks ago,” Jacqueline Retzack, who converted to Islam, said. “I converted because of what’s happening in Gaza and I wanted to be closer to Islam and Gaza.”

Christine Crnogonac expressed her profound connection to the concept of one God in Islam. “The idea of Islam and having just one God that really resonated with me. It touched my heart.”

While speaking about the ongoing war, she said: “The issues in Palestine, it just makes me cry on daily basis. I didn’t know what else to say,” she added.

According to media reports, American activist Megan Rice converted to Islam in November after being inspired by the steadfastness of Gaza people.

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