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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
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Data shows massive rise in Karachi crime in 2023

'63,000 people were deprived of their stuff,' according to data

In yet another tragic incident 20-year-old Irfan Maseeh was killed in Karachi when he tried to resist the robbery.

According to police data, a massive rise has been witnessed in the killing of people by armed street criminals in the year 2023.

At least 132 people were killed in the resistance, data revealed. Irfan was one of them.

Speaking to Aaj News, Irfan’s brother, who was going through a painful situation, questioned the inability of city police to arrest his brother’s killers.

“Late at night, after getting information of the incident when I reached the hospital I saw my brother breathing his last,” he said.

According to data obtained by Aaj News, hundreds of cases were registered in Karachi daily this year, indicating that in the past eleven months, nearly 63,000 people were deprived of their valuables including mobile phones, cash, and vehicles.

The data revealed that over 31,000 mobile phones and more than 40,000 motorbikes were snatched between January and November 2023.

Over 31,000 mobile phones and more than 40,000 motorbikes were snatched from January to November 2023

When asked as to why the city was experiencing a rise in the pattern of killing during robberies, the Senior Superintendent of Police said the police capture suspects involved in bike thefts and usually it turns out addicts stole the bikes and sold them to scrape buyers.

He added that scrape buyers, after cutting these bikes, into pieces sell in the scarp market. “It makes it difficult for us to recognize or recover motorcycles.”

Karachi East district experienced maximum cases of robbery this year and many of the cases involved death during resistance.

The data for the first 9 months of the current year indicates nearly a dozen people are killed for resisting robberies in the city.

Month deaths
January 13
February 12
March 10
April 12
May 15
June 9
July 12
August 8
September 9

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