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Thursday, July 18, 2024  
12 Muharram 1446  

Another electricity price hike in the offing

CPPA's recommendations could lead to an increase in Rs1.83 per unit
File photo.
File photo.

Authorities are gearing up to hike the prices of electricity once again with a pssoible addition of Rs33bn to the burden already being carried by the consumer.

Fluctuation in the price of fuel in the month of August could lead to an increase in the per unit price of electricity by Rs1.83.

The National Electricity Power Regulatory Authority has received its monthly application from the Central Power Purchasing Agency which will be finalised on September 27.

CPPA said that over 15 billion units of electricity were consumed in the month of August. Out of these 17.17% electricity was produced through imported LNG, 12.79% through nuclear plants, 10.26% from coal, 7.6% from gas, 4.51% from imported coal, and 4.07% from furnace oil.

NEPRA had fixed the reference price for electricity at Rs6.64 per unit. However, the prices of fuel caused the electricity to be produced at Rs8.47 per unit.

High electricity bills in August had led to protests across the country. The government had responded by cracking down on electricity theft, imporving receoveries and trying to negotiate relief with IMF.

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