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Wednesday, July 24, 2024  
18 Muharram 1446  

Afghanistan seeks reopening of Torkham border as Pakistan expresses concern

Special Envoy Durrani tells Afghan charge d'affaires Pakistan will not cede its territory
A general view of the border post in Torkham, Pakistan - Reuters
A general view of the border post in Torkham, Pakistan - Reuters

Afghanistan’s Charge d’affaires to Pakistan has held talks with Pakistan’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan as he sought the reopening of the Torkham border crossing between the two countries. Pakistan, however, has expressed its concern over Afghan force’s attempt to construct a border post on its territory.

The border was closed after an exchange of fire between troops on Thursday when the Afghan forces tried to construct a border post in the area that Pakistan believes falls in its territory.

Sources told Aaj News that Pakistan has made it clear that it will not cede its territory to anyone.

Pakistan’s Special Envoy Asif Durrani told Aghan Charge d’affaires Sardar Ahmed Shakeeb that the construction of the border post amounted to occupying Pakistani territory.

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Sources said that the Afghan officials were also told that Afghanistan’s soil was used for launching the terrorist attack on Pakistan’s border district of Chitral.

The Aghan charge d’affaires said that the closure of the Torkham border crossing for trucks and people was painful and people on both sides of the border had been affected.

Asif Durrani told the Afghan diplomat that Pakistan would soon reopen the border, according to the sources.

The border remained closed for the third consecutive day on Saturday as dozens of trucks loaded with fruits and other perishable goods were stranded in Afghanistan.

Similarly, Afghan nationals who travel to Peshawar for medical treatment or trade were stuck at the border.

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