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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
16 Muharram 1446  

Mother of four takes poisonous pills after electricity bill cripples finances

The electricity was not restored despite the bill's payment

A mother of four children died by apparent suicide in Jahanian after electricity was not restored to her house despite the bill being paid.

The incident happened in Chak 114/10R in Jahanian in Khanewal, when a laborer who lived with his wife and four children was sent an electricity bill worth Rs10,000.

The man, identified as Qasim, earns only Rs400 per day. The family sold off their posessions and even borrowed some money to pay the bill.

However, MEPCO officials still did not restore the electricity to the house, according to Qasim. The family had no money to buy food since paying the bill.

Fed up with the situation as the children hungry for two days, the mother, named Hamna, swallowed poisonous pills when Qasim left the house for work.

She was rushed to the tehsil hospital but her life could not be saved.

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