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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
17 Muharram 1446  

Govt to review and potentially eliminate flawed meter reading system

The pro rata systems is being blamed for hurting protected consumers
Photo via Aaj News
Photo via Aaj News

The government is actively reviewing the pro rata meter reading system that has pushed many electricity users out of the protected consumer category despite their actual consumption remaining within the limit.

According to sources in the Ministry of Energy, the Power Division and other relevant authorities have started reassessing the meter reading system introduced in March 2023. A decision on whether to continue or eliminate the system is expected within the next couple of days, Dawn newspaper reported on Wednesday.

“We are reviewing the pro rata system, considering the consumer complaints about overbilling. We are reviewing this in a way that whether the system has proved to be good or bad for the consumers,” disclosed a senior official from the Ministry of Energy.

The official data shows that the percentage of domestic consumers under the protected category (up to 200 units) increased from 69.38% in April 2023 to 73.14% in April 2024. However, it decreased from 73.59% in May 2023 to 59.15% in June 2024.

Consumers have accused meter readers of providing incorrect reading dates, resulting in the pro rata system incorrectly pushing them out of the protected category. One consumer said he has evidence of the meter reader noting the wrong reading date, leading to higher bills.

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The government has acknowledged the consumer concerns and stated that “if we find the system as not good, we will definitely do away with it.” The review process is ongoing, and a final decision on the future of the pro rata meter reading system is expected soon.

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