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Carmelo Hayes embraces misstep, warns SmackDown Roster after backstage blunder

‘Maybe I should 'Go bACk To nXT', says Carmelo Hayes
WWE wrestler Carmelo Hayes. Photo vis Instagram
WWE wrestler Carmelo Hayes. Photo vis Instagram

Rising star Carmelo Hayes, found himself on the receiving end of a roast after a verbal slip-up during a backstage segment.

During the segment, Hayes interrupted an interview with LA Knight, asking “Why would LA wanna face you?” Knight quickly capitalized on the mix-up, calling out Hayes for getting the name wrong. Though Hayes didn’t back down in the moment, he later tweeted about the incident, writing “Oops I got a name mixed up on Live Tv. Maybe I should ‘Go bACk To nXT’.”

By joking that he should return to the NXT developmental brand, Hayes demonstrated a willingness to poke fun at himself and own up to the on-air flub. This comes in contrast to his typical portrayal as a confident, self-assured Superstar who believes he is destined for the top of the WWE SmackDown roster.

Despite the mistake, Hayes remains determined to make his mark on the blue brand. In a recent social media post, he warned the SmackDown locker room, saying “Smackdown doesn’t know yet, it’s time to get my chips up. #WhatAChampionshipNeeds #Smackdown.” The post included a fan-made graphic highlighting Hayes’ accomplishments from his time in NXT, indicating he believes he has the pedigree to compete for championships on the main roster.

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Carmelo Hayes’ ability to acknowledge his error while also reaffirming his ambitions suggests a well-rounded Superstar who can learn from his mistakes. Fans will be eager to see if he can capitalize on this moment and translate his NXT success into tangible achievements on WWE SmackDown.

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