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Sunday, May 19, 2024  
10 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Meta states new AI cannot be turned off on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

Users voice concerns over Meta's AI practice

Meta AI has raised concerns as it cannot be deactivated by users. There have already been reports of unintended consequences resulting from the new program.

For instance, The Associated Press revealed an incident where an official Meta AI chatbot intruded into a conversation within a private Facebook group for Manhattan moms.

The chatbot falsely claimed to be a parent with a child attending school in New York City but later apologized and retracted its comments when confronted by the group members.

According to Facebook’s online help page, Meta AI will join group conversations if tagged or if no one responds to a question within an hour. However, group administrators can disable this feature.

While the specific group conversation feature can be turned off, the overall presence of Meta AI on the platforms cannot be disabled, as confirmed by Meta’s statement to Global News.

However, a spokesperson mentioned the availability of feedback tools for users who are dissatisfied with the responses they receive.

The spokesperson emphasized that Meta AI aims to be a helpful assistant and is located in the search bar to assist with user queries.

While users cannot disable it from the experience, they can continue to search in the usual manner to engage with a variety of results.

For many users, when they wrote ‘disable’ or ‘disable AI,’ uninstalled the app and reinstalled it again after some time. They stated that it worked for them.

Other users were so irritated by the new development of AI that they switched to social media platforms available on the web.

Meta intends to utilize the feedback received to improve the training of AI models, making them less likely to produce potentially harmful outputs and enhancing the system’s ability to automatically detect policy violations.

In a statement, Meta highlighted the capabilities of Meta AI, stating that it can assist users in accomplishing tasks, learning, creating, and connecting with things that are important to them.

The integration is currently available not only in Canada but also in countries such as Australia, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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