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Wednesday, May 22, 2024  
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Indian flight lands with minimal fuel after diversion

A passenger revealed the experience on his social media platform

In an Indian airplane, a passenger took to social media platforms to share his experience in an IndiGo flight that allegedly landed with minimal fuel after being diverted to Chandigarh. 

According to the passenger, IndiGo flight 6E2702 was scheduled to depart from Ayodhya at 3:25 PM and arrive in Delhi at 4:30 PM on Saturday, April 13. 

However, approximately 15 minutes before landing, the pilot announced that unfavorable weather conditions in Delhi would prevent them from landing there. 

Despite two unsuccessful landing attempts, the plane continued to hover over the city.

The passenger claims that at 4:15 PM, the pilot informed passengers that the aircraft had 45 minutes of holding fuel. 

However, after further delays in decision-making, the pilot finally announced at 5:30 PM, 75 minutes after the holding fuel announcement, that they would divert to Chandigarh. 

The situation caused panic among passengers, with some experiencing physical discomfort.

The flight eventually landed at Chandigarh Airport at 6:10 PM, 115 minutes after the initial holding fuel announcement. 

The passenger pointed out that they were informed by the crew that the aircraft had only 1 or 2 minutes of fuel remaining at the time of landing, highlighting the narrow margin of safety.

Indian Deputy Commissioner of Police, Satish Kumar shared his experience on social media and raised questions about whether SOPs were followed during the incident. 

The retired pilot, Shakti Lumba, has described the situation as a serious safety violation and called for an investigation by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

IndiGo has responded by stating that there was sufficient fuel onboard the aircraft throughout the flight and that all actions taken by the pilot were in accordance with SOPs. 

Social media users have also noted that Flightradar data suggests a single missed approach and go-around, followed by a cancelled second approach, leading to the immediate diversion to Chandigarh.

The incident has raised concerns about safety, with passengers and a retired pilot suggesting that IndiGo may have violated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

InterGlobe Aviation Ltd. (IndiGo) is India’s biggest low-cost airline, operating more than 1,900 daily flights to over 110 destinations and having 320 aircraft.

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