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Celina Jaitly calls for respecting women after sharing her most trolled photograph

‘It’s easy to troll someone when they aren’t looking or when they can’t fight back,’ says Indian actress
Photo via Instagram/Celina Jaitly
Photo via Instagram/Celina Jaitly

Indian actress Celina Jaitly has described trolling as “a cowardly act” as she spoke about the reactions to her most trolled photograph with babies on social media.

“It’s easy to troll someone when they aren’t looking or when they can’t fight back,” she told Hindustan Times while speaking about her photograph which she shared on Instagram two days before International Women’s Day.

It was a long post written with a picture of her where she is seen wearing a swimsuit while holding one of her twins in her arms while the other is placed right beside her.

“There’s something about the anonymity of the internet that brings out the worst in trolls. I was called everything from a ‘witch’ to a ‘whale’. While the bikini had a lot to do with the trolling, I was also attacked for placing one of my twin babies next to me and not holding him in my arms,” she stated.

The No Entry actor explained that babies don’t always want to be held as they love to kick their legs and feel free. “When you have twins, you are also always switching between babies according to their needs. Viraaj in my lap had just finished feeding and Winston wanted to kick about and enjoy the sunshine and soak the vitamin D,” her post read.

While reacting to comments on the photo, Jaitly said that she was in utter disbelief. She added that it could be difficult to hear criticism about your parenting.

The Indian actress went on to add that the comments were below the belt and an attack on every woman who wanted to hold on to her individuality despite embracing motherhood.

Jaitly shared that no one was sensitive towards her and it was her husband Peter Haag who was standing beside her. She added that it was high time people start respecting women and their choices.

When asked, she said that sometimes social media negativity takes a toll on her mental peace. “The problem is that the internet is not a safe place. It leaves everyone exposed and vulnerable.”

Her March 6 post ended with this line: “I would want to say only one thing-if people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them, don’t let anyone tell you to tone down your authentic self.”

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