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Sunday, April 21, 2024  
09 Shawwal 1445  

Balochistan CM Sarfraz Bugti invites armed groups to mainstream in victory speech

JUIF, NP boycott the election; Bugti was elected unopposed on Friday

Sarfraz Bugti, who was elected unopposed as the chief minister of Balochistan, on Saturday reiterated that his government plans to continue engaging in dialogue with armed groups active in the province.

Bugti was sworn in as the chief minister of Balochistan after he secured a vote of confidence from the provincial assembly.

Governor Abdul Wali Kakar administered oath to the newly-elected CM in a ceremony held at the Governor House.

In a 65-member house, at least 41 MPAs voted in favour of Bugti. JUIF and the National Party did not participate in the voting process.

JUIF has 13 lawmakers in the Balochistan Assembly and National Party 4.

“Deterrence and dialogue are the two options that the government has to address the [law and order] situation in Balochistan,” he said in his victory speech.

Bugti urged the Baloch dissidents to continue their struggle while adhering to the Constitution of Pakistan as he resolved that there would be no compromise on the state’s writ.

The nomination papers for the chief minister election were submitted on Friday. Since Bugti was the only candidate in the election he was declared a winner but the formal election process was completed only on Saturday when a vote was held.

On Saturday, Bugti arrived at the Balochistan Assembly in official protocol.

Balochistan’s speaker and deputy speaker too were elected unopposed on Friday.’

Bugti joined PPP before the February 8 election. He served as the federal interior minister in the caretaker setup for months but stepped down days before the election schedule was announced to become a candidate in the election.

After winning a provincial assembly seat he resigned from the Senate of Pakistan last week.

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