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Monday, June 24, 2024  
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CSS officer Bilal Pasha’s death takes social media by storm

Bilal Pasha was also a digital media influencer
Bilal Pasha in his office. Photo via Social media
Bilal Pasha in his office. Photo via Social media

#BilalPasha was one of the top hashtags trending on Pakistani social media on Tuesday. It surfaced a day after the tragic death of the Bannu Cantonment Board chief executive officer Bilal Pasha on Monday.

Pasha was well know to thousands of social media users. His fans and the CSS community found themselves in deep grief after the news of his death in mysterious circumstances made it to internet.

Social media users on Facebook, and Instagram as well as on X are sharing stories and posts of his humility.

Pasha epitomised the struggle of a middle class young man, becoming a CSS officer.

Who was Bilal Pasha?

The young man belonged to a lower-middle-class family from Abdul Hakim town in the Khanewal district of Punjab.

After completing his studies he was doing a private job but on the wish of his father he attempted the CSS exam and was posted as the chief executive officer of the Bannu Cantonment Board in 2018, according to an X user.

Bilal never hid his humble beginnings even when he gave his first interview with his father. But the depression he was experiencing in his position was unbearable for him which reportedly ended his life, claimed the X user.

“Death takes away life when people belonging to lower strata of life reach success,” said a user.

Bilal’s death sent shockwaves across social media.

People expressed emotion, trying to connect with him.

“He has gone to his mother,” says an X user.

Social Media Following

Bilal has a sizable Instagram following of more than 37.1k people on X, the platform precious known as Twitter, using the handle of @bilalpaasha.

Both colleagues and followers have paid tribute to Bilal’s quiet but significant online presence. His digital legacy developed into a virtual monument honoring the life of a public servant committed to serving the public.

Social media was overflowing with condolence and prayer posts as the community struggled with the loss. The memory of Bilal Pasha came to represent perseverance, hard work, and the significant influence one person can have on a community.

There are conflicting stories overflowing on the internet. Social media posts, and other media publications claimed he had a cardiac arrest due to depression. However, a report published in daily Dawn says that he shot himself dead inside his official residence in Bannu.

The police have initiated a probe to find out if it was a suicide or he had been killed by someone.

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