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Saturday, July 13, 2024  
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Peer Ijaz Shah reveals how Zardari became president

Says he was ordered in dreams to help the former president

“It was in 2004, when I came back from Madina and told Asif Ali Zardari that all the governments are his and he will be the ruler of Sindh,” said Peer Syed Ijaz Shah in a rare television appearance on Aaj News show Rubaroo. This was his first appearance on any media show.

Recalling his first meeting with the former president, he said that he first met Zardari back in 2002 when the former president was incarcerated in Attock jail.

“I saw my peer in dreams where I was ordered to contact a man who came from Sindh and was facing great troubles. One day I saw news stating that Zardari is to be indicted in the SGS-Cotecna case. I thought this is the same person who was shown to me in my dreams,” he added.

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He stated that he went to the Attock Fort but did not specify how he got into the fort which was heavily guarded by the security forces.

“An SSG official saw me and took me to the canteen where he offered me tea samosas. When I asked him if Zardari was set to appear before the court, he [SSG official] responded positively,” Shah added.

Shah recalled that Zardari was worried about seeing him in the court in Attock Fort, and inquired about him from one of his accomplices.

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“I passed him a note through Shoaib Bhutta, saying that I have been handed over your case,” he said.

According to Shah, he met Zardari for the second time in Rawalpindi during his appearance before the NAB court.

An agreement was signed between the two where he took responsibility to plead Zardari’s case in Madina, he added.

“I prayed for Zardari for three months in Madina and all of his hardships were gone,” Shah said.

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Responding to a question regarding the uncertainty surrounding the presidency of Zardari, he said that he was sure that the president will complete his term.

He denied the reports about warning the former president over the appointment of General Raheel Sharif (retd) and that it would be a danger to his stay at the president’s house.

Shah claimed that the PTI’s politics is finished, saying that he knew about the end of Imran Khan’s government in March 2022 before the PDM alliance moved the no-confidence motion against Khan.

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