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PTI chairman can 100% get relief from top court, says Sanaullah

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah says such views are ‘talk of town’
Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah during Aaj News show Faisla Aap Ka on July 10,  2023. Screengrab via YouTube/Aaj News
Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah during Aaj News show Faisla Aap Ka on July 10, 2023. Screengrab via YouTube/Aaj News

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has claimed that the PTI chairman could again get relief from the top court as the N-league reiterates its ‘serious objections’ to the treatment given to the former prime minister by courts.

“Hundred per cent he can get relief,” he said in response to a query from Asma Shirazi on her show Faisla Aap Ka on Monday. “Every time he [PTI chief] has got relief from there. There are some people after whose audios, there are no doubts that what is their thinking and viewpoint.”

He was responding to a query on the N-league’s consistent concerns over the Supreme Court decisions on cases against the former prime minister. The PML-N has been wary of some of the top court judges over the past many months.

The question was asked against the backdrop of an Islamabad district and sessions court’s decision that declared a criminal complaint against the former premier for concealing details of Toshakana gifts to be maintainable. But the PTI has vowed to challenge the decision.

“If a day before the court decision, it is said that this decision would be given tomorrow. Then the same decision is given tomorrow then what trust is left,” Sanaullah said, “yes in the past as well, he has got relief. There are possibilities of such a development and we have serious objections to them. We have shared it with the CJP and judges. But this is now the talk of the town.”

The interior minister added that all the case against the PTI chief was admissible, however, he called for proving such cases in trial. He slammed the ex-PM for the alleged corruption.

He went on to add that gathering evidence takes time to prove any accusation. Sanaullah described it as a “technical investigation process”.

When asked about Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s allegations against the PTI chief for running a campaign against the army chief, Sanaullah said that there might be some information on which the premier made such accusations.

But he was of the view that such derogatory and anti-state remarks should be ignored as giving attention to them was “not fruitful”. He supported his statement by stating that it was neither possible to arrest those people, who were making such comments on social media, nor stop them.

“They are sitting outside so giving importance to their comments is like helping them,” he said. But nevertheless, a discussion would be held on the kind of information the government has.

The meeting of political bigwigs, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari, was also discussed during the interview. Reports said that the two leaders had a wide range of discussions on Pakistan’s situation.

Sanaullah replied that as per his assessment, the PML-N supremo stressed the need for elections after the dissolution of assemblies. He was of the view that the interim setup can take time as determined by the law.

“We have this intention that Zardari fully has a clear line as his intentions were different in the past,” he said and clearly stated that there would be no power-sharing and elections would be held on time.

“I think negotiations are under way between the government and the opposition,” he said while responding to a query on the interim setup. Sanaullah added that all stakeholders would be involved in the key decision.

Amid reports that any journalist or technocrat would lead the interim setup, he said that there was no need for such a person. “We need an economist as our economic conditions have somehow improved,” he said.

The interior minister added that only Nawaz knew when he would return to Pakistan. The party has requested him to return for the election campaign.

“Yes he can and he should,” Sanaullah said when asked whether Nawaz would be able to become prime minister for the fourth time.

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