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Saturday, July 20, 2024  
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Politicians must refrain from accusing institutions, says analyst Amir Zia

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The political leadership of the country needs to be careful before accusing the state institutions and its officials, said Journalist Amir Zia.

“They [political leaders] should think a hundred times before doing something that could dent the credibility of the institutions,” he said while speaking with Shaukat Piracha on Aaj News programme Faisla Aap Ka on Tuesday. “The political leaders need to refrain from making such statements without evidence.”

PTI chief Khan’s confession of not having evidence against the alleged conspirators of his murder plan would not have a significant impact on his vote bank, said Zia.

“Pakistani politics is beyond reason in these matters. The supporters of political leadership do not care about corruption charges or a change of narrative by their leaders,” he added.

PML-N’s MNA Ali Gohar Baloch alleged that the PTI chief has always resorted to lies and distorted facts for his political gains. “All parties and institutions agree that Khan has repeatedly been lying to create anarchy in the country and blackmail government officials,” he added.

According to him, Khan’s admission of not having evidence against army officials has exposed his lies. “He is confessing about some of his lies only to gain sympathy,” said Baloch.

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MQM-P’s Rehan Hashmi claimed that the country has become a laughing stock on a global level due to the PTI chief’s continuous barbs against the army.

“A leader should be a man of integrity who respects the country and its people, while Khan’s propaganda against the army has greatly benefitted the enemies of the state,” he added.

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