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Sunday, June 16, 2024  
09 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Fishy deaths: Poisonous chemicals kill thousands of fish in Rawal Dam

Police apprehend two suspects for alleged plan to sell the dead fish

Thousands of fish have been killed in Rawalpindi’s Rawal Dam from toxic chemicals that were released into the reservoir. Police suspect that the fish were killed to be sold on the market.

Upon the discovery of fish deaths, the local police took swift action and arrested two suspects for releasing poisonous chemicals into the water which had a devastating effect on the marine life of the reservoir.

It is believed that individuals resorted to using poisonous chemicals to facilitate their fishing activities, resulting in the destruction of the dam’s delicate ecosystem.

Reports suggest that after spilling toxic chemicals in the water, the individuals waited for the dead fish to come to the surface after which they cast the net and collected the fish.

The local police have registered an FIR at the Secretariat police station in Islamabad.

According to the police report, the dead fish were to be sold in the domestic market and could possibly pose a health hazard for the population.

The fisheries department also took samples to gauge the effects of the toxic chemicals and to take measures for protecting the marine life present at the reservoir.

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