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Indian playback singer Alka Yagnik shares rare ‘hearing loss’ diagnosis

She also urges fans to avoid exposure to loud music
Alka Yagnik. Photo via Instagram
Alka Yagnik. Photo via Instagram

Playback singer Alka Yagnik has opened up about her battle with a rare form of sensorineural hearing loss, a condition she developed following a viral attack.

In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Yagnik shared details of her unexpected health challenge. “A few weeks ago, as I walked out of a flight, I suddenly felt I was not able to hear anything,” she wrote.

After consulting doctors, Yagnik was diagnosed with the rare hearing loss issue, which she attributed to a viral infection.

“It has been diagnosed by my [doctors] as a rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss, due to a viral attack…This sudden, major setback has caught me completely unaware,” the beloved singer explained.

Yagnik, known for her melodious voice that has graced countless Bollywood tracks, urged her fans and young colleagues to be cautious about exposure to loud music and headphones. “One day, I wish to share the health perils of my professional life,” she added.

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As Yagnik navigates this difficult period, her fans and peers remain hopeful for her recovery and eagerly await her return to the music scene.

Her courage in sharing her story has inspired many, underscoring the strength required to confront and cope with such personal and professional challenges.

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