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Wednesday, July 17, 2024  
10 Muharram 1446  

Yasir Hussain makes his directorial debut with Rabbit

Touches a rare theme in Pakistani film industry
Screengrab via YouTube/
Screengrab via YouTube/ LO IQ FILMS

Pakistani cinema is abuzz with actor Yasir Hussain’s latest film, Rabbit, said to be released soon. The actor had recently posted the movie’s trailer on his Instagram, which has since caught the attention of both fans and industry insiders.

Yasir gave a cryptic clue about the movie’s intriguing plot in one of his social media updates: “Unleashing from the shadows of the unknown, a figure shrouded in mystery arrives. He steals with stealth, tricks with wit, mirrors your moves, and conquers with prowess. Beware, for The Rabbit is here.”

It boasts an ensemble cast led by Nayyar Ejaz and Umer Aalam, who last shared the screen space with him in Taxali Gate.

There is an eerie air about Nayyar’s intense monologue which sets up an atmosphere heavy with suspense while fiery dramatic scenes promise viewing like no other ever experienced before as they appear quite different from average run-of-the-mill films; what stands out are scenes showing weird customs and practices being performed under reddish lighting accompanied by sounds indicating acts of violence and terror.

Rabbit seems to pioneer in Pakistani cinema by amalgamating mystique, make-believe and psychological thrill.

Zeeshan Ali was hired as the main singer in the film. Its release date has not been communicated yet but a lot of interest surrounds this unparalleled piece already so much so that many cannot wait for its arrival on screens nationwide or even internationally if possible because they want to see whether it will be everything they think or something totally different which changes their perception about all Pakistani movies forever.

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