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Sunday, July 21, 2024  
14 Muharram 1446  

PPP threatens to quit government over budget proposals

Party’s parliamentary committee will meet again today at 2:30pm
Photo via author
Photo via author

The Pakistan Peoples Party has warned the Centre of quitting the government if budget proposals are not accepted as the annual budget will be presented in Parliament on Wednesday (today).

“The party has been very accommodating so far, but if the government’s attitude remains the same, they will have to reconsider their support,” PPP leader Shazia Marri told reporters in Parliament on Tuesday.

Her comments came as the PPP parliamentary leaders met for a meeting in Islamabad where they expressed concerns over not being taken into confidence by the government over the budget.

The PPP’s committee on budget proposals has been given until Wednesday to contact the government. Moreover, its parliamentary committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow at 2:30pm.

Leaders maintained that they supported the government for the sake of democracy and would not compromise on people’s interests. They claimed that the PML-N did not fulfil its commitment.

The Sindh ruling party has long expressed its reservations about the government’s plans to privatise institutions, calling for following the public-private partnership model to secure ownership of the state entities.

The party has not been consulted on the budget, and the government should have informed them about the nature of the upcoming budget, she said.

Meanwhile, PPP leader Khursheed Shah said that the party has not yet seen the budget, and the government should have briefed them on the proposals.

“I am not aware of anything that what is the government going to do as we don’t know any figures. We don’t have any information except the National Economic Council meeting,” Marri separately said while appearing on Aaj News show Rubaroo.

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