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Essential items for women pilgrims during Hajj season

Packing a travel bag for Hajj pilgrimage is different from normal trip
Muslim women pilgrims pray during the symbolic stoning of the devil ritual during the Hajj pilgrimage. AFP
Muslim women pilgrims pray during the symbolic stoning of the devil ritual during the Hajj pilgrimage. AFP

During the Hajj season, pilgrims, especially women, need to pack certain essential items as they prepare for their journey.

Here are some essentials, which will help women to pack accordingly.


“Please avoid wearing polyester, as it will retain heat inside and cause you to perspire more. Instead, wear breathable materials like cotton and linen,” Hemdi, a Hajj guide, told Arab News.

A clothing company for women Hawraa Abaya has designed a comprehensive abaya ensemble that includes multiple components - a pair of pants, a top, a coat, and a headscarf.

This type of all-in-one abaya attire is recommended for the Hajj pilgrimage, as you will need to change into fresh garments each day during the pilgrimage.

Bodycare essentials

Anti-chafing sticks, skinfold dry sheets, fragrance-free and travel-sized personal care products, unscented talc and Vaseline, sun protection, unscented sanitary pads, a water spray, and a pair of scissors are all essential items to bring for the Hajj pilgrimage, which involves extensive walking, managing sweat-related problems, and performing rituals.


Electrolyte supplements can be beneficial during the Hajj pilgrimage, as they can help maintain hydration and boost energy levels. Additionally, it is advisable to pack pain relievers such as paracetamol, but it is important to ensure that these medications are permitted in Saudi Arabia before packing them.

“It is preferable to purchase locally produced pharmaceuticals because they are approved by the Saudi FDA (Food and Drug Authority),” an individual working during Hajj, Hemdi said.

The motion sickness tablets should be carried during public transport rides if tend to get dizzy and nauseous.


Pilgrims can use a digital tasbeeh ring or mobile apps, a portable fan that can be worn around the neck, an eye mask and earplugs for sleeping, a portable power bank to charge phones and fans, and an umbrella or hat to protect against the sun, all of which are essential items to bring for the Hajj pilgrimage to manage the heat, stay connected, and ensure comfort during the journey.

Disposable items

For the Hajj pilgrimage, it is important to bring a disposable plastic bag to store your shoes when entering the Grand Mosque in Makkah, toilet chair covers to maintain hygiene, compressed towels for convenience, and breathable, disposable cotton socks for walking and prayer.

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Comfortable shoes

“The floors are quite heated, so wear cotton socks and breathable, comfortable shoes instead of slippers and rubber shoes. You must be ready, even though this year’s roadways have been treated with cooling insulation,” Hemdi said.

Comfortable shoes are required due to walking long distances and pilgrims can get blisters and sore feet.

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