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No ruling in Iddat case as Khawar Maneka assaulted by PTI lawyers in court

Maneka uses strong language against Imran Khan; Judge writes to IHC to transfer the case to another court
After the hearing Khawar Maneka was assaulted by PTI lawyers who threw bottles at him and slapped him.
After the hearing Khawar Maneka was assaulted by PTI lawyers who threw bottles at him and slapped him.

An Islamabad District and Sessions Judge hearing the Iddat case against Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi has requested the Registrar of the Islamabad High Court to transfer the case to another court for further proceedings.

The court, however, did meet for a final time under Judge Shahrukh Arjumand and the proceedings proved to be unusually eventful with PTI lawyers exchanging strong words with and throwing bottles at the complainant Khawar Maneka.

Bushra Bibi’s former husband, Khawar Maneka, expressed a lack of confidence in the judge, who wrote a letter to the Islamabad High Court registrar.

The judge stated in the letter that the previous request for a lack of confidence had already been dismissed, and that passing a judgment again on the renewed lack of confidence would not be appropriate. Therefore, he has requested the transfer of the appeals to another court for further proceedings.

Khawar Maneka and his lawyers consistently requested adjournment.

“I do not want you to pass a judgment,” Khawar Maneka said and the judge questioned this statement to which Maneka was unsure.

The judge remarked that in such circumstances the upcoming judgment would be controversial and PTI supporters in the courtroom responded to it by chanting slogans.

Meanwhile, there was intense verbal clash between PTI lawyers and Khawar Maneka in the courtroom.

PTI lawyers attacked Khawar Maneka, throwing bottles and attempting to slap him.

Maneka said he is from a rural area and his daughter faced backlash after Bushra Bibi divorced him, and that his mother died of the shock.

He used strong words against Imran Khan and claimed that he secretly contracted nikah with Bushra Bibi.

When alleged abuses were hurled by PTI lawyers, Khawer Maneka said “You need to maintain decency, I was abused, Usman Gil had said he would throw me out of the court.”

He criticized the PTI founder, saying he knew nothing about the Quran and deceived in Allah’s name by hiding the marriage. He also accused the PTI founder of not leaving women alone. This prompted more sloganeering from the workers.

Maneka was emotional in court, saying when he told the children about the divorce, they cried a lot and claimed his mother died from the grief.

He claimed that he had been contacted by numerous individuals to seek favours and former Punjab chief minister Pervez Elahi was one of the people who approached him.

Maneka wished that the judge would not make any decision regarding the case and upon asking for the reason by judge, he said he did not know the reason, and alleged that the PTI founder had behaved similarly in previous courts as well.

The judge stated that the PTI founder appeared to be manipulating public opinion through social media.

At one point Maneka was seen mimicking the behavior of court staff which caused laughter in the courtroom.

The judge advised Maneka to consult his lawyer about what he sought from the court.

PTI counsel said Maneka was making emotional appeals but there was no legal point in his arguments.

The judge remarked that the eventual ruling would be disputed, prompting sloganeering from PTI supporters in the courtroom. The session judge then withdrew to his chambers.

After the hearing Khawar Maneka was assaulted by PTI lawyers who threw bottles at him and slapped him.

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