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Tuesday, June 18, 2024  
11 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Karachi man arrested for making explicit videos of wife, daughter for dark web

The man reportedly received instructions from abroad via email

Women Police in Central District in Karachi have arrested a man for allegedly torturing his wife and children and filming the abuse on orders from an unknown source overseas for the dark web.

According to SHO Women, Iram Amjad, the suspect was apprehended following a raid, and his wife and four children were rescued. The suspect claimed that he received tasks via email from an unknown source abroad.

SHO Amjad further revealed that the suspect was instructed to record videos of each task and send them back via email. The suspect inflicted injuries and physical abuse on his wife. He was about to film his daughter for the next task.

The police officer stated that the suspect engaged in violence, sexual harassment, and other heinous acts. The suspect was arrested and charged with a case based on a complaint filed by the victim’s sister.

During the raid, police recovered a laptop and other items. The suspect is currently under investigation.

Wife makes startling revelations

The affected wife, Elia, told the police that her husband Tahir has a suspicious temperament and physically and emotionally abuses her and the children.

The accused’s wife mentioned in the FIR that the accused summons non-mahram men to the house and coerces her into engaging in sexual activities with them.

The affected woman says that she has left the house multiple times in the last 12 years, but her parents intervened and reconciled the matter.

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She said that her 16-year-old daughter, a matriculation student, has had her nude photos taken by the accused, who then blackmailed her into engaging in sexual activities with his friends.

The affected woman stated that her husband Tahir Abbas s/o Hussain Mirza is completely involved in unnatural and sexual activities, and he even threatens to involve the children in this heinous act.

Driven to desperation, she contacted her elder sister Huma Rizvi, who is residing abroad, and asked her to provide protection from her husband Tahir.

She has demanded strict action against her husband.

No videos uploaded, man says

Meanwhile, the accused man has told the police that unkown people on the dark web somehow got his number and contacted him.

He also revealed that he hand installed a camera in the washroom of his house but had removed it later.

However, he said that he never uploaded anything on the internet.

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