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Friday, May 31, 2024  
22 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Pakistani host Nadia Khan discloses the truth about her first marriage

She stated that the first marriage was unfit in 10 minutes of ceremony
Photo via Business Recorder
Photo via Business Recorder

Pakistani television actress and morning show host, Nadia Khan, opened up about her first marriage that she thought was unfit in the first ten minutes of the ceremony. 

She appeared in an interview with Pakistani actor and host Sajid Hasan, disclosing her early life as a child, stating that she was a rebellious and curious child and calling herself a ‘misfit’ child.

She shared that her father was strict; however, she was close with him, as she was not afraid of him, and she shared that her mother was the opposite of her father. 

She stated that her mother belonged to Sahiwal and her father as from Hoshiarpur, India. 

Nadia Khan opened up about her professional life, saying that she was doing a drama called Dark Time, and she was later approached by Haseena Moin about casting her drama. 

“I cried when I got my first check, and I was shy about getting money even after my hard work,” she said. 

“Now that I am 40 and after Faysal, I am not stressed,” she added. 

She disclosed that she was close to her one sister, who passed away due to cancer at the age of 36. 

“I was not into science due to a lack of labs. I decided not to study science as the teachers did not know how to teach,” she said. 

“I met a boy in one place, and my second meeting with him was at my engagement,” she added.

The first husband approached her house and asked for Nadia’s hand in marriage; however, she stated that it took ten years to divorce him as she was scared of her father and society.

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After 10 years, she dared to tell her father about her unhappy marriage. Her father instructed her to be in Pakistan on the first flight. 

Nadia Khan said that she has two children with her first husband.

She emphasized the traditional thinking of society that society talks about when a woman marries for the second time. 

Nadia expressed her denial when she lost her mother due to cancer, as she was bedridden for a few years, sharing that her mother died during her first chemotherapy. 

“I got a call from my father that my mother was dead and I was in Bali,” she added. 

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