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Rhea Ripley expresses frustration with two-word message after being compelled to relinquish WWE title on RAW

Rhea Ripley's encounter with Liv Morgan intensifies her frustration
Rhea Ripley will be away from the ring for quite a while
Rhea Ripley will be away from the ring for quite a while

In a recent development, Rhea Ripley, the former Women’s World Champion, has been compelled to vacate her title on WWE RAW due to an injury. Following this disheartening turn of events, Ripley took to social media to express her profound frustration with a concise, two-word message, revealing her seething emotions.

Last week, Ripley fell victim to a surprise attack by Liv Morgan, who hurled a chair at her head. As a consequence, Ripley sustained an injury that has forced her to step away from the wrestling ring for an extended period. The severity of the injury has led to uncertainty regarding the duration of her absence and whether her condition worsened or necessitated treatment.

During the opening segment of Monday Night RAW, Ripley made the unfortunate announcement of her injury and subsequent absence from the championship scene. Wearing her arm in a sling, she reluctantly relinquished her title, bringing an end to her impressive reign as champion.

Rhea Ripley’s encounter with Liv Morgan intensified her frustration, prompting her to share her sentiments on social media. In a brief but impactful two-word message, Ripley conveyed her discontent, mirroring her deep disappointment at being unable to continue her reign.

Behind the scenes, Ripley experienced an emotional moment with the rest of the Judgment Day crew before leaving the arena without the championship, marking the first time in 380 days that she departed without the title. Triple H, a prominent figure in WWE, expressed his support for Ripley, assuring fans that she will return even stronger.

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