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Tuesday, June 18, 2024  
11 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Body of woman who was beaten on train found in Karachi

Railways spokesman says woman was mentally ill

The dead body of a woman who was allegedly beaten up by a Railways Police constable has been found near the Chunni Goth Railway Station in Bahawalpur. While the woman’s family has alleged violence, Railways officials have claimed that the woman was mentally ill.

The incident’s video went viral on social media prompting Inspector General (IG), Rao Sardar Ali Khan, took notice of this case. 

The woman was heard in the video requesting to be left alone.

On April 7, police had stated that constable took the victim with him after the incident. 

Constable Mir Hasan, who was captured slapping the woman in the video, was arrested but was later granted bail.

According to the victim’s brother, Afzal, the woman worked at a beauty parlor in Karachi and was traveling to celebrate Eid with the family.

Afzal has demanded justice for his sister and a thorough investigation into the matter.

After the incident, DIG Abdullah Sheikh stated that such actions are not acceptable and that such officers do not deserve leniency.

He ensured that the case had been registered regarding the incident, and strict disciplinary action would also be taken.

Police confirmed that the accused was on duty on a train traveling from Karachi to Hyderabad when the incident took place.

Woman was mentally ill, Railways spokesman says

A spokesman for the Pakistan Railways said that the official in question had been stationed from duty from Karachi to Hyderabad.

He added that the woman in the video was traveling from Karachi to Faislabad. He also claimed that the woman’s family had stated that she had mental health issues.

The spokesman said that the woman had started throwing around luggage belonging to other passengers who called the constable for help.

The constable had hit the woman and locked her up in another carriage.

The spokesman claimed that the woman had suddenly jumped off train while it was still moving near the Chunni Goth Railway station.

A four-member team is investigating the matter and will present a report to the Railways chairman within three days.

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