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Wednesday, May 29, 2024  
21 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Read about Judaism, Israel if you’re applying for Germany citizenship

Citizenship test will have 12 new questions

Germany’s citizenship test would include questions related to Judaism and Israel, Interior, Nancy Faeser has said as many people from developing countries apply for the country for studies, SchengenVisaInfo reported.

According to the media report, the decision highlights the importance of the historical responsibilities of Germany towards the Jewish people and Israel.

Germany has a duty to such groups of people in light of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust, Faeser told Spiegel Online, a news website. She added that people seeking citizenship would have to acknowledge such responsibilities.

There are as many as 33 questions in the German citizenship test. A successful candidate needs to pass at least 17 queries. The new questions will include Jewish history, Israel, and the relationship of Germany with the Jewish state.

I Am Expat Germany, an English-language media platform, shared the questions to be added:

  • How many years ago did the first Jewish people live in what is now Germany?
  • What is a Jewish centre of worship called?
  • What do stumbling stones (Stolpersteine) commemorate?
  • What is an example of antisemitic behaviour?
  • What is a possible punishment for Holocaust denial in Germany?
  • In which year was the state of Israel founded?
  • On what legal basis was the state of Israel founded?
  • Which country do the majority of Jews who currently live in Germany come from?
  • In which German cities do the largest Jewish communities live?
  • Who can join a Jewish Maccabi sports club?
  • What are the reasons that Germany has a special responsibility for Israel?
  • What statements to Israel are forbidden in Germany?

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