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Friday, June 14, 2024  
07 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Outer space tourism to begin in Saudi Arabia at $164,000

The company is aiming for 400 trips a year in 2029
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Halo Space has planned outer space trips for people for $164,000. The plan will start in June 2026 and is a major step forward in space tourism.

The charges for the second layer of the earth’s atmosphere will be $164,000 per person.

Madrid-based Halo Space has selected Saudi Arabia to be one of its departure areas and plans to test flights in June. Other departure bases include the US, Australia and Spain. 

The countries chosen provide favorable meteorology, territory, and airspace for safe near-space stratospheric flights. 

The Saudi regulator has approved the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission to test flights in Saudi Arabia. 

The company has completed its sixth test and will send its second prototype 32km above the Earth’s surface into the stratosphere. 

The spacecraft is an aerospace balloon with a capsule that can accommodate eight passengers and a pilot. This capsule will feature panoramic windows to provide passengers with a 360-degree and stunning view of Earth.

“Its flights would be available for a fraction of the price of orbital and suborbital flight offerings,” the company stated.

The company has aimed to initiate its commercial flights in 2026 and operate 400 flights in 2029, which will be for four to six hours with one to two hours of maximum altitude and with a clear vision of the earth’s blue curvature.

“Because the helium balloon-powered ascent is gradual, there is no heavy acceleration or G-forces, meaning nearly anyone can board a Halo flight without the need for special training,” the company said.

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