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Friday, June 14, 2024  
07 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Saudi Arabia exeuctes five Pakistanis for attacking private company

Royal decree was issued for their execution after court trial
File photo via AFP
File photo via AFP

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday that it had executed multiple Pakistanis for being involved in an attack on a private company and an assault on a man of Bangladeshi origin, according to Arab media.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the ministry said that Arshad Ali Debar Muhammad Ismail, Abdul Majeed Haji Nour al-Din, Khaled Hussein Batjo Qurban Ali, Abdul Ghaffar Mir Bahr Lutfullah, and Abdul Ghaffar Muhammad Souma were involved in an attack on a private company where they also attacked its guard, a man named Anis Miah of Bangladeshi origin.

The ministry added that all individuals were of Pakistani origin.

The accused were swiftly arrested and presented in court where their guilt was proven. A royal decree was then issued for their execution.

Arshad Ali Debar Muhammad Ismail, Abd al-Majid Haji Nour al-Din, and Abd al-Ghaffar Muhammad Somah were sentenced to death for banditry while Haled Hussein Batjo Qurban Ali and Abd al-Ghaffar Mir Bahr Lutfallah were sentenced to death as discretionary punishment.

The ministry added that the sentences were carried out on March 5 in the Makkah region.

Saudi Arabia applies the death penalty against convicts in cases of murder and terror attacks as well as drug smuggling and trafficking, according to Gulf News.

In January, Saudi authorities executed four Ethiopian expatriates found guilty of murdering a Sudanese national.

The four were convicted of taking turns in fatally bludgeoning the victim and stabbing him after having tied his hands and feet, the Interior Ministry said at time. The motive for the murder was not given.

Two Bangladeshi expatriates were executed in December after they had been convicted in a final court ruling of murdering an Indian man by spraying an insecticide into his mouth due to a financial dispute.

The inmates were found guilty of luring the victim inside a car to a vacant piece of land.

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