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Wednesday, July 24, 2024  
17 Muharram 1446  

Corps Commanders say vested polity’s allegations of interference ‘deplorable’

CCC calls for due legal processes instead of emotional outbursts
Photo - ISPR
Photo - ISPR

The Army’s Corps Commanders on Tuesday said that vested small segments of polity and social media have been maligning armed forces with unsubstantiated allegations of interference, the Inter-Services Public Relations said in a statement.

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Syed Asim Munir presided over the 263rd Corps Commanders’ Conference (CCC) held at GHQ which paid tribute to the sacrifices of Shuhadas including officers and men of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and the citizens.

The CCC appreciated efforts of the civil administration, LEAs, and security forces for providing assistance during elections despite overwhelming odds.

The forum highlighted that the armed forces provided a security environment for the February 8 election as per the given mandate, and had nothing to do with the electoral process.

However, the forum expressed dismay “that some vested small segments of polity and media especially social media have been maligning the Armed Forces of Pakistan with unsubstantiated allegations of interference which is highly deplorable.”

Calling it unfortunate, the Corps Commanders said that the entire focus of such vested elements was on creating political instability and uncertainty by attempting to scapegoat others for their own failings.

The CCC urged for following due legal processes with evidence and proof rather than resorting to unconstitutional and uncalled for “baseless political rhetoric and emotional outbursts.”

The participants of the conference expressed satisfaction over the smooth democratic transition of power in the centre and provinces.

The Corps Commanders expressed hope that the post-election environment will bring the desired political and economic stability resulting in peace and prosperity for the people of Pakistan.

For the CCC, democratic consolidation is the way forward for the country.

The forum reiterated that terrorists, their facilitators, and abettors, working on the behest of hostile forces to destabilise Pakistan, will be dealt with the full might of the state.

COAS Munir directed commanders to continue consolidating the gains of efforts against terrorism and militancy.

He also stressed that field commanders to continue maintaining high standards of professionalism, operational preparedness, and motivation during operations and achieving excellence during the training of the formations.

“In line with the resolve of the honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan, the forum committed that planners, instigators, abettors and perpetrators/ desecrators of Shuhada Monuments and attackers of military installations on 9 May, would certainly be brought to justice under the relevant provisions of the law and Constitution,” according to the ISPR.

The CCC stated that malicious efforts to create distortions, confusion and disinformation were futile and only part of an organised campaign being launched for “narrow political interests, to blur the abhorrent activities that took place.”

The Corps Commanders raised concern over the spread of misinformation and fake news by certain elements to sow despondency and divisions within the society.

The military leadership urged Pakistanis to remain positive and united and participate in the progress and development of the country.

The participants of the conference expressed concerns over the plight of Kashmiris in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

While condemning the human rights violations by India, the Corps Commanders resolved that Pakistan would continue to support Kashmiris politically, diplomatically, and morally at all levels.

The CCC showed solidarity with the Palestinians as they continuously faced oppression by the Israeli forces.

COAS Munir said that the Palestinian people have unequivocal diplomatic, moral, and political support of the Pakistani nation. “We will continue to support the principled stance of our brethren for enduring resolution of the Palestinian issue.”

The conference participants affirmed that the “military leadership is cognisant of the full spectrum of the challenges and threats and it remains committed to shoulder its constitutionally mandated responsibilities with support of the resilient people of Pakistan.”

The military’s top leadership resolved to continue providing support to the government in combating security threats and uplifting the socioeconomic growth in the country including assistance in curbing smuggling, hoarding, electricity theft, implementation of the One Document Regime, and respectable and safe repatriation of all illegal foreigners.

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