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Sunday, April 21, 2024  
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Times Square evacuated after bomb found in cab

The bomb was left in a cab, report was made by driver
File photo
File photo

New York city’s iconic Times Square had to be evacuated after a grenade was found in the back of an Uber on Saturday.

Bomb disposal squads from the New York Police Department were despatched to the site after the bomb was reported by the cab’s driver.

Police said that there efforts to reach the car quickly were hampered by throngs of anti-Israel protestores who were holding a demonstration.

However, the NYPD was eventually able to establish a perimeter around the vehicle.

Pedestrian and vehicle traffic on 42nd Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues was closed by the police.

Later reports said that the bomb was found to be ‘inert’ meaning it did not pose a danger.

Several protestors were arrested by the police after confusion spread over the presence of police. Many protestors reportedly clashed with the police, believing that their demonstration was being shut down.

The police had to announce that they were infact responding to a bomb threat.

The protest, dubbed ‘global day of action’ began from Washington Park at 1pm.

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