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Wednesday, July 17, 2024  
10 Muharram 1446  

Election Results 2024: Counting underway

Aaj News is publishing preliminary, unofficial results
Artwork: Aaj News
Artwork: Aaj News

This the complete result for Pakistan National Assembly after election 2024.

Pakistan went to poll on February 8 with at total of 855 seats for national and provincial assemblies up for grabs. The results of 266 general seats for the National Assembly will decide who forms the central government.

With the end of polling at 5pm, Aaj News started receiving preliminary, unofficial results from its correspondents across the country. It updated the result for the next three day after every few hours.

The current version conforms to the results issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan until Sunday afternoon.

However, this is still provisional results according to the ECP. It covers 264 constituencies as polling was postponed on NA-8 and result was withheld on NA-88.

Sort order Constituency City Leading candidate Party Other Affiliation
1 NA-1 Chitral Abdul Latif Independent PTI-backed
2 NA-2 Swat-1 Amjad Ali Khan Independent PTI-backed
3 NA-3 Swat-2 Saleem Rehman Independent PTI-backed
4 NA-4 Swat-3 Sohail Sultan Independent PTI-backed
5 NA-5 Upper Dir Sahibzada Sibghatullah Independent PTI-backed
6 NA-6 Lower Dir-1 Bashir Khan Independent PTI-backed
7 NA-7 Lower Dir-2 Mehboob Shah Independent PTI-backed
9 NA-9 Malakand Junaid Akbar Independent PTI-backed
10 NA-10 Buner Gohar Ali Khan Independent PTI-backed
11 NA-11 Shangla Amir Muqam Pakistan Muslim League (N)
12 NA-12 Kohistan Muhammad Idris Independent
13 NA-13 Batgram Nawaz Khan Independent PTI-backed
14 NA-14 Mansehra Sardar Muhammad Yusuf Zaman Pakistan Muslim League (N)
15 NA-15 Mansehra-Torghar Prince Muhammad Ghastasab Khan Independent PTI-backed
16 NA-16 Abbottabad-1 Ali Asghar Khan Independent PTI-backed
17 NA-17 Abbottabad-2 Ali Khan Jadoun Independent PTI-backed
18 NA-18 Haripur Omar Ayub Khan Independent PTI-backed
19 NA-19 Swabi-1 Asad Qaiser Independent PTI-backed
20 NA-20 Swabi-2 Shahram Khan Independent PTI-backed
21 NA-21 Mardan-1 Mujahid Khan Independent PTI-backed
22 NA-22 Mardan-2 Muhammad Atif Independent PTI-backed
23 NA-23 Mardan-3 Ali Muhammad Khan Independent PTI-backed
24 NA-24 Charsadda-1 Anwar Taj Independent PTI-backed
25 NA-25 Charsadda-2 Fazal Muhammad Khan Independent PTI-backed
26 NA-26 Mohmand Sajid Khan Independent PTI-backed
27 NA-27 Khyber Muhammad Iqbal Khan Independent PTI-backed
28 NA-28 Peshawar-1 Noor Alam Khan Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F)
29 NA-29 Peshawar-2 Arbab Amir Rayoub Independent PTI-backed
30 NA-30 Peshawar-3 Shandana Gulzar Independent PTI-backed
31 NA-31 Peshawar-4 Sher Ali Arbab Independent PTI-backed
32 NA-32 Peshawar-5 Asif Khan Independent PTI-backed
33 NA-33 Nowshera-1 Shah Ahad Ali Shah Independent PTI-backed
34 NA-34 Nowshera-2 Zulfiqar Ali Independent PTI-backed
35 NA-35 Kohat Shehryar Afridi Independent PTI-backed
36 NA-36 Hangu-Orakzai Yusuf Khan Independent PTI-backed
37 NA-37 Kurram Hamid Hussain Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan PTI-backed
38 NA-38 Karak Shahid Ahmad Independent PTI-backed
39 NA-39 Bannu Naseem Ali Shah Independent PTI-backed
40 NA-40 North Waziristan Misbahuddin son of Ahmeduddin Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F)
41 NA-41 Lakki Marwat Sher Afzal Khan Independent PTI-backed
42 NA-42 South Waziristan Zubair Khan Independent PTI-backed
43 NA-43 Tank-Dera Ismail Dawar Khan Kundi Independent PTI-backed
44 NA-44 Dera Ismail Khan 1 Ali Amin Gandapur Independent PTI-backed
45 NA-45 Dera Ismail Khan 2 Fathullah Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
46 NA-46 Islamabad-1 Anjum Aqeel Khan Pakistan Muslim League (N)
47 NA-47 Islamabad-2 Tariq Fazal Chaudhry Pakistan Muslim League (N)
48 NA-48 Islamabad-3 Raja Khurram Shehzad Independent
49 NA-49 Attock-1 Sheikh Aftab Ahmed Pakistan Muslim League (N)
50 NA-50 Attock-2 Malik Sohail Khan Pakistan Muslim League (N)
51 NA-51 Rawalpidi-Murree Raja Osama Sarwar Pakistan Muslim League (N)
52 NA-52 Rawalpindi-1 Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
53 NA-53 Rawalpindi-2 Raja Qamarul Islam Pakistan Muslim League (N)
54 NA-54 Rawalpindi-3 Aqeel Malik Independent
55 NA-55 Rawalpindi-4 Malik Abrar Ahmed Pakistan Muslim League (N)
56 NA-56 Rawalpindi-5 Muhammad Hanif Abbasi Pakistan Muslim League (N)
57 NA-57 Rawalpindi-6 Daniyal Chaudhry Pakistan Muslim League (N)
58 NA-58 Chakwal Tahir Iqbal Pakistan Muslim League (N)
59 NA-59 Talagang-Chakwal Sardar Ghulam Abbas Pakistan Muslim League (N)
60 NA-60 Jhelum-1 Bilal Azhar Kayani Pakistan Muslim League (N)
61 NA-61 Jhelum-2 Chaudhry Farrukh Altaf Pakistan Muslim League (N)
62 NA-62 Gujrat-1 Chaudhry Ilyas Independent PTI-backed
63 NA-63 Gujrat-2 Hussain Elahi Pakistan Muslim League
64 NA-64 Gujrat-3 Chaudhry Salik Hussain Pakistan Muslim League
65 NA-65 Gujrat-4 Chaudhry Naseer Ahmad Abbas Pakistan Muslim League (N)
66 NA-66 Wazirabad Muhammad Ahmed Chatha Independent PTI-backed
67 NA-67 Hafizabad Aniqa Mehdi Independent PTI-backed
68 NA-68 Mandi Bahauddin-1 Haji Imtiaz Ahmad Chaudhry Independent PTI-backed
69 NA-69 Mandi Bahauddin-2 Nasir Iqbal Bosal Pakistan Muslim League (N)
70 NA-70 Sialkot-1 Chaudhry Armaghan Subhani Pakistan Muslim League (N)
71 NA-71 Sialkot-2 Khawaja Muhammad Asif Pakistan Muslim League (N)
72 NA-72 Sialkot-3 Ali Zahid Pakistan Muslim League (N)
73 NA-73 Sialkot-4 Nosheen Iftikhar Pakistan Muslim League (N)
74 NA-74 Sialkot-5 Muhammad Aslam Ghaman Independent PTI-backed
75 NA-75 Narowal-1 Anwar-ul-Haq Chaudhry Pakistan Muslim League (N)
76 NA-76 Narowal-2 Ahsan Iqbal Pakistan Muslim League (N)
77 NA-77 Gujranwala-1 Chaudhry Mahmood Bashir Virk Pakistan Muslim League (N)
78 NA-78 Gujranwala-3 Mobeen Arif Independent PTI-backed
79 NA-79 Gujranwala-3 Ihsanullah Virk Independent PTI-backed
80 NA-80 Gujranwala-4 Shahid Usman Pakistan Muslim League (N)
81 NA-81 Gujranwala-5 Bilal Ijaz Independent PTI-backed
82 NA-82 Sargodha-1 Mukhtar Ahmed Pakistan Muslim League (N)
83 NA-83 Sargodha-2 Osama Milla Independent PTI-backed
84 NA-84 Sargodha-3 Shafqat Abbas Independent PTI-backed
85 NA-85 Sargodha-4 Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti Pakistan Muslim League (N)
86 NA-86 Sargodha-5 Muhammad Miqdad Ali Khan Independent PTI-backed
87 NA-87 Khushab-1 Malik Shakir Bashir Awan Pakistan Muslim League (N)
89 NA-89 Mianwali-1 Jamal Ahsan Khan Independent PTI-backed
90 NA-90 Mianwali-2 Umair Khan Niazi Independent PTI-backed
91 NA-91 Bhakkar-1 Sanaullah Mastikhel Independent PTI-backed
92 NA-92 Bhakkar-2 Rashid Akbar Khan Independent
93 NA-93 Chiniot-1 Muhammad Amir Ali Lali Independent
94 NA-94 Chiniot-2 Qaiser Ahmad Sheikh Pakistan Muslim League (N)
95 NA-95 Faisalabad-1 Ali Afzal Sahi Independent PTI-backed
96 NA-96 Faisalabad-2 Rai Haider Kharal Independent PTI-backed
97 NA-97 Faisalabad-4 Muhammad Saad Ullah Independent PTI-backed
98 NA-98 Faisalabad-4 Chaudhry Muhammad Shahbaz Babar Pakistan Muslim League (N)
99 NA-99 Faisalabad-5 Malik Umar Farooq Independent PTI-backed
100 NA-100 Faisalabad-7 Nisar Ahmad Independent PTI-backed
101 NA-101 Faisalabad-7 Rana Atif Independent PTI-backed
102 NA-102 Faisalabad-8 Changez Ahmad Khan Independent PTI-backed
103 NA-103 Faisalabad-9 Mian Ali Sarfraz Independent PTI-backed
104 NA-104 Faisalabad-10 Hamid Raza Independent PTI-backed
105 NA-105 Toba Tek Singh-1 Osama Hamza Independent PTI-backed
106 NA-106 Toba Tek Singh-2 Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhry Pakistan Muslim League (N)
107 NA-107 Toba Tek Singh-4 Muhammad Riaz Khan Independent PTI-backed
108 NA-108 Jhang-1 Muhammad Mehboob Sultan Independent PTI-backed
109 NA-109 Jhang-2 Sheikh Waqas Akram Independent PTI-backed
110 NA-110 Jhang-3 Muhammad Ameer Sultan Independent PTI-backed
111 NA-111 Nankana Sahib-1 Muhammad Arshad Sahi Independent PTI-backed
112 NA-112 Nankana Sahib-2 Shazra Mansab Ali Pakistan Muslim League (N)
113 NA-113 Sheikhupura-1 Ahmed Atiq Anwar Pakistan Muslim League (N)
114 NA-114 Sheikhupura-2 Rana Tanveer Hussain Pakistan Muslim League (N)
115 NA-115 Sheikhupura-3 Khurram Shahzad Virk Independent PTI-backed
116 NA-116 Sheikhupura-4 Khurram Manoor Manj Independent PTI-backed
117 NA-117 Lahore-1 Abdul Aleem Khan Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party
118 NA-118 Lahore-2 Muhammad Hamza Shehbaz Sharif Pakistan Muslim League (N)
119 NA-119 Lahore-3 Maryam Nawaz Sharif Pakistan Muslim League (N)
120 NA-120 Lahore-4 Sardar Ayaz Sadiq Pakistan Muslim League (N)
121 NA-121 Lahore-5 Wasim Qadir Independent PTI-backed
122 NA-122 Lahore-6 Latif Khosa Independent PTI-backed
123 NA-123 Lahore-7 Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Pakistan Muslim League (N)
124 NA-124 Lahore-8 Rana Mubasher Iqbal Pakistan Muslim League (N)
125 NA-125 Lahore-9 Mohammad Afzal Pakistan Muslim League (N)
126 NA-126 Lahore-10 Malik Saiful Mulok Khokar Pakistan Muslim League (N)
127 NA-127 Lahore-11 Atta-ur-Rahman Tarar Pakistan Muslim League (N)
128 NA-128 Lahore-12 Muhammad Aun Saqlain Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party
129 NA-129 Lahore-13 Mian Muhammad Azhar Independent PTI-backed
130 NA-130 Lahore-14 Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Pakistan Muslim League (N)
131 NA-131 Kasur-1 Saad Wasim Pakistan Muslim League (N)
132 NA-132 Kasur-2 Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Pakistan Muslim League (N)
133 NA-133 Kasur-III Azimuddin Zahid Independent PTI-backed
134 NA-134 Kasur- IV Rana Muhammad Hayat Khan Pakistan Muslim League (N)
135 NA-135 Okara-1 Chaudhry Nadeem Abbas Pakistan Muslim League (N)
136 NA-136 Okara-2 Riyaz-ul-Haq Pakistan Muslim League (N)
137 NA-137 Okara-3 Syed Raza Ali Gilani Independent PTI-backed
138 NA-138 Okara-4 Muhammad Moin Watto Pakistan Muslim League (N)
139 NA-139 Pakpattan-1 Ahmed Raza Manika Pakistan Muslim League (N)
140 NA-140 Pakpattan-2 Rana Aradat Sharif Khan Pakistan Muslim League (N)
141 NA-141 Sahiwal-1 Imran Ahmad Shah Pakistan Muslim League (N)
142 NA-142 Sahiwal-2 Usman Ali Independent PTI-backed
143 NA-143 Sahiwal-3 Rai Hasan Nawaz Khan Independent PTI-backed
144 NA-144 Khanewal-1 Reza Hayat Haraj Independent
145 NA-145 Khanewal-2 Muhammad Khan Daha Pakistan Muslim League (N)
146 NA-146 Khanewal-3 Pir Zahoor Hussain Independent
147 NA-147 Khanewal-4 Chaudhry Iftikhar Nazir Pakistan Muslim League (N)
148 NA-148 Multan-1 Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
149 NA-149 Multan-2 Malik Aamir Dogar Independent PTI-backed
150 NA-150 Multan-3 Zain Qureshi Independent PTI-backed
151 NA-151 Multan-4 Syed Ali Musa Gilani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
152 NA-152 Multan-5 Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
153 NA-153 Multan-6 Rana Qasim Noon Pakistan Muslim League (N)
154 NA-154 Lodhran-1 Rana Faraz Noon Independent PTI-backed
155 NA-155 Lodhran-2 John Muhammad Siddique Khan Baloch Pakistan Muslim League (N)
156 NA-156 Vihari-1 Ayesha Nazir Jatt Independent
157 NA-157 Vihari-2 Sajid Mehdi Pakistan Muslim League (N)
158 NA-158 Vihari-3 Begum Tahmina Doultana Pakistan Muslim League (N)
159 NA-159 Vihari-4 Aurangzeb Khan Khachi Independent PTI-backed
160 NA-160 Bahawalnagar-1 Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar Ruto Pakistan Muslim League (N)
161 NA-161 Bahawalnagar-2 Alam Dad Lalika Pakistan Muslim League (N)
162 NA-162 Bahawalnagar-3 Ehsan Haque Bajwa Pakistan Muslim League (N)
163 NA-163 Bahawalnagar-4 Muhammad Ijazul Haq Pakistan Muslim League (Zia)
164 NA-164 Bahawalpur-1 Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada Pakistan Muslim League (N)
165 NA-165 Bahawalpur-2 Chaudhry Tariq Bashir Cheema Pakistan Muslim League
166 NA-166 Bahawalpur-3 Makhdoom Syed Sami Al Hasan Gililani Pakistan Muslim League (N)
167 NA-167 Bahawalpur-4 Muhammad Usman Owaisi Pakistan Muslim League (N)
168 NA-168 Bahawalpur-5 Malik Muhammad Iqbal Pakistan Muslim League (N)
169 NA-169 Rahim Yar Khan-1 Murtaza Mahmood Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
170 NA-170 Rahim Yar Khan-2 Mian Ghos Muhammad Independent PTI-backed
171 NA-171 Rahim Yar Khan-3 Mumtaz Mustafa Advocate Independent PTI-backed
172 NA-172 Rahim Yar Khan-5 Javaid Iqbal Independent PTI-backed
173 NA-173 Rahim Yar Khan-5 Makhdoom Syed Mustafa Mahmood Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
174 NA-174 Rahim Yar Khan-6 Mohammad Azhar Pakistan Muslim League (N)
175 NA-175 Muzaffargarh-1 Jamshed Dasti Independent PTI-backed
176 NA-176 Muzaffargarh-2 Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
177 NA-177 Muzaffargarh-3 Muhammad Moazzam Ali Khan Independent PTI-backed
178 NA-178 Muzaffargarh-4 Aamir Talal Khan Pakistan Muslim League (N)
179 NA-179 Kot Addu-1 Muhammad Shabbir Ali Qureshi Independent PTI-backed
180 NA-180 Kot Addu-2 Fiaz Hussain Independent PTI-backed
181 NA-181 Layyah-1 Umber Majeed Independent PTI-backed
182 NA-182 Layyah-2 Awais Haider Independent PTI-backed
183 NA-183 Taunsa Khwaja Shiraz Mehmood Independent PTI-backed
184 NA-184 Dera Ghazi Khan-1 Abdul Qadir Khan Pakistan Muslim League (N)
185 NA-185 Dera Ghazi Khan-2 Zartaj Gul Independent PTI-backed
186 NA-186 Dera Ghazi Khan-3 Sardar Owais Ahmad Khan Leghari Pakistan Muslim League (N)
187 NA-187 Rajanpur-1 Amar Ahmad Khan Leghari Pakistan Muslim League (N)
188 NA-188 Rajanpur-2 Hafeezur Rahman Khan Dareshk Pakistan Muslim League (N)
189 NA-189 Rajanpur-3 Shamsher Ali Mazari Independent
190 NA-190 Jacobabad Ejaz Hussain Jakhrani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
191 NA-191 Jacobabad-Kashmore Sardarzada Ali Jan Mazari Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
192 NA-192 Kashmore-Shikarpur Mir Shabbir Ali Bajarani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
193 NA-193 Shikarpur Muhammad Shahryar Khan Maher Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
194 NA-194 Larkana-1 Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
195 NA-195 Larkana-2 Nazir Ahmed Baghio Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
196 NA-196 Qambar Shahdadkot-1 Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
197 NA-197 Qambar Shahdadkot-2 Mir Amir Ali Khan Magsi Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
198 NA-198 Ghotki-1 Khalid Ahmed Khan Lund Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
199 NA-199 Ghotki-2 Ali Gohar Khan Mehar Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
200 NA-200 Sukkur-1 Noman Islam Sheikh Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
201 NA-201 Sukkur-2 Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
202 NA-202 Khairpur-1 Nafisa Shah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
203 NA-203 Khairpur-2 Pir Syed Fazal Ali Shah Jilani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
204 NA-204 Khairpur-3 Syed Javed Ali Shah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
205 NA-205 Naushahro Feroze-1 Syed Abrar Ali Shah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
206 NA-206 Naushahro Feroze-2 Zulfikar Ali Beihan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
207 NA-207 Nawabshah-1 Asif Ali Zardari Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
208 NA-208 Nawabshah-2 Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
209 NA-209 Sanghar-1 Shazia Marri Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
210 NA-210 Sanghar-2 Salahuddin Junejo Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
211 NA-211 Mirpur Khas-1 Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
212 NA-212 Mirpur Khas-2 Mir Manwar Ali Talpur Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
213 NA-213 Umarkot Nawab Muhammad Yusuf Talpur Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
214 NA-214 Tharparkar-1 Pir Amir Ali Shah Jilani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
215 NA-215 Tharparkar-2 Mahesh Kumar Malani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
216 NA-216 Matiari Makhdoom Jamil-ul-Zaman Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
217 NA-217 Tando Allah Yar Zulfiqar Bachani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
218 NA-218 Hyderabad-1 Syed Hussain Tariq Shah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
219 NA-219 Hyderabad-2 Abdul Aleem Khan Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
220 NA-220 Hyderabad-3 Syed Waseem Hussain Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
221 NA-221 Tando Muhammad Khan Syed Naveed Qamar Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
222 NA-222 Badin-1 Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
223 NA-223 Badin-2 Rasool Bakhsh Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
224 NA-224 Sujawal Syed Shiraz Ali Shah Shirazi Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
225 NA-225 Thatta Sadiq Memon Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
226 NA-226 Jamshoro Malik Asad Sikandar Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
227 NA-227 Dadu-1 Irfan Ali Leghari Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
228 NA-228 Dadu-2 Rafiq Ahmad Jamali Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
229 NA-229 Malir-1 Jam Abdul Karim Bajar Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
230 NA-230 Malir-2 Syed Rafiullah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
231 NA-231 Malir-3 Abdul Hakeem Baloch Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
232 NA-232 Karachi Korangi-1 Asia Ishaq Siddiqui Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
233 NA-233 Karachi Korangi-2 Muhammad Javed Hanif Khan Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
234 NA-234 Karachi Korangi-3 Muhammad Moin Amir Pirzada Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
235 NA-235 Karachi East-1 Muhammad Iqbal Khan Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
236 NA-236 Karachi East-2 Hassan Saber Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
237 NA-237 Karachi East-3 Asad Alam Niazi Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
238 NA-238 Karachi East-4 Sadiq Iftikhar Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
239 NA-239 Karachi South-1 Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
240 NA-240 Karachi South-2 Arshad Abdullah Wahra Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
241 NA-241 Karachi South-3 Mirza Akhtar Baig Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
242 NA-242 Karachi Keamari-1 Syed Mustafa Kamal Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
243 NA-243 Karachi Keamari-2 Abdul Qadir Patel Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
244 NA-244 Karachi West-1 Mohammad Farooq Sattar Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
245 NA-245 Karachi West-2 Syed Hafeezuddin Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
246 NA-246 Karachi West-3 Syed Aminul Haq Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
247 NA-247 Karachi Central-1 Khawaja Izharul Hasan Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
248 NA-248 Karachi Central-2 Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
249 NA-249 Karachi Central-3 Ahmad Salim Siddiqui Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
250 NA-250 Karachi Central-4 Farhan Chishti Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
251 NA-251 Sherani-Zhob-Killa Saifullah Khushal Khan Pashtun Khawa National Awami Party
252 NA-252 Musakhel-Barkhan-Loralai-Duki Sardar Babar Musa Khel Independent PTI-backed
253 NA-253 Harnai-Sibbi-Kohlu-Dera Bugti Mian Khan Independent
254 NA-254 Nasirabad-Kachhi-Jhal Magsi Khalid Hussain Magsi Balochistan Awami Party
255 NA-255 Sohbat Pur-Jaffarabad-cum Usta Muhammad-Nasirabad Mir Khan Muhammad Jamali Pakistan Muslim League (N)
256 NA-256 Khuzdar Muhammad Akhtar Mengal Balochistan National Party
257 NA-257 Hub-Lisbela-Awaran Jam Kamal Khan Pakistan Muslim League (N)
258 NA-258 Panjgur.Kech Phaleen National Party
259 NA-259 Kech-Gwadar Malik Shah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
260 NA-260 Chagai-Nushki-Kharan-Washuk Muhammad Usman Badini Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F)
261 NA-261 Saurabh-Kalat-Mastung Muhammad Akhtar Mengal Balochistan National Party
262 NA-262 Quetta-1 Adil Khan Bazai Independent
263 NA-263 Quetta-2 Haji Jamal Shah Kakar Pakistan Muslim League (N)
264 NA-264 Quetta-3 Nawabzada Jamal Khan Raisani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
265 NA-265 Pishin-Ziarat Fazlur Rehman Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F)
266 NA-266 Kila Abdullah-Chaman Mahmood Khan Achakzai Pashtun Khawa Milli Awami Party

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