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Friday, July 12, 2024  
05 Muharram 1446  

Pakistan gets 160 new electric buses from Chinese company

The new batch has an anti-corrosion period of more than ten years
Photo - APP
Photo - APP

A Chinese company handed over 160 pure electric buses to Pakistan at a ceremony held in Suzhou Industrial Park, China on Saturday.

The cost for procurement of the buses exceeds RMB150 million (Chinese currency), which is the first time that Pakistan has introduced pure electric buses in large quantities, China Economic Net (CEN) reported.

Officials from Pakistan, including General Manager Suzhou Higer, Qiu Yuanhong, Deputy General Manager Xie Jianghong, Customer Service Director Jiang Haifeng, and General Manager of Overseas Sales participated in the ceremony.

A day earlier, Pakistani team tested the buses’ appearance, performance, and all other aspects. Currently, Higer’s new energy buses have occupied the largest market share in Pakistan, contributing to Pakistan’s green and low-carbon travel.

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Since entering the Pakistani market in 2006, in response to the local dusty and congested road traffic characteristics, Higer has continued to carry out technological innovation and customize high-quality buses for Pakistan that can calmly cope with the local climate environment and complex road conditions.

The new batch of electric buses has the advantages of zero emissions, low operating costs, and low noise pollution, which will greatly improve the efficiency of public transportation operations and the quality of residents’ travel.

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The cruising range of the buses exceeds 250 kilometres, and use the most advanced cathodic electrophoresis technology, which has an anti-corrosion period of more than ten years.

In terms of software intelligence, 160 pure electric buses are equipped with the intelligent operation system T-BOX, which can monitor driver behaviour and vehicle operation data in real time to ensure operational safety and protect passenger travel.

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