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Thursday, June 20, 2024  
13 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Fact-Check: Don’t get fooled by these viral images generated by AI Tools

AI did not limit itself to images and content with its amazing knowledge it assists outlaws in defaming celebrities

With its extending benefit of Artificial Intelligence (AI) parallel harms are being witnessed by society as it is taking a wider part in the chaos in the society we are currently living in.

An image has been circulating on social media since the commencement of the Baloch march in Islamabad where a police inspector is choking an old woman who was part of the protest.

When we apply common sense it reveals that the uniform worn by the police inspector is not Islamabad police’s dress while the march is happening in Islamabad.

The image triggered a storm of comments on social media where police have been criticized. However, a search revealed that the image is AI-generated.

A post from Instagram also devoted strength to the article which says the picture has been made with the assistance of AI.

Recently with the surge in AI tools, social media have been filled with fake videos and images for example, a picture of Pope Francis spreading on social media with a puffer jacket is also robotically generated claimed the Financial Times.

 Image: Financial Times
Image: Financial Times

Besides this, the AI-generated pictures of Trump’s arrest remained viral on social media in early 2023. The pictures indicate that the police officers are pulling Donald Trump roughly or staging his arrest.

However, the AI did not limit itself to images and content with its amazing knowledge it assists the outlaws in defaming many Indian actresses with its skills of deepfake video generation.

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