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Saturday, July 13, 2024  
06 Muharram 1446  

‘Fake’ pir allegedly rapes woman with help of sons

The woman had gone to the pir to get a taviz (amulet)
Photo via Aaj News.
Photo via Aaj News.

A ‘fake’ pir was arrested after he and his sons allegedly raped a woman in Burewala on Sunday.

The woman told the police that she had gone to the police to get a ‘taviz’ (amulet) but the pir and his sons raped her. The woman alleged that the men had recorded a video of the woman as well.

The victim also alleged that the fake pir had looted her of Rs1 million and eight tolas of gold jewelery.

DPO Burewala said that the police had immediately registered a complaint of the incident and arrested the fake pir right away.

The DPO added that the pir had confessed to have committed the rape during interrogation.

He also said that the man had admitted to looting the woman and that the cash and jewelery were receovered by the police.

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