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Friday, June 14, 2024  
07 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

BBC debunks Israeli forces claims related to Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital

British broadcasting news channel says Israeli army’s video seems to be edited
Screengrab via X
Screengrab via X

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News has debunked Israel Defense Forces’ claims pertaining to the hideouts of Hamas in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital, which has been surrounded by the occupation forces.

Israel, which has killed more than 11,000 people in airstrikes, has described Al Shifa hospital as the main headquarters of the Hamas’s terrorist activities.

An idea of animation posted by the IDF in late October claimed to represent a Hamas tunnel system underneath the hospital. But Israel, which has been in the hospital since Wednesday, has yet to substantiate its claims.

The forces allowed the BBC and Fox News to film at the only locations of Israel’s choice at the hospital.

It merits here to mention that the IDF had also released its seven-minute video, which the British news channel verified as “analysed”, saying that a watch in the video suggested that it was filmed a few hours before the BBC arrived at the hospital.

According to the BBC, the video was reposted after deleted it. The updated video did not have a section referring to an Israeli soldier who had been held hostage.

The IDF video claimed to have found military equipment from the hospital.

But when the news organization visited the same room the details did not match the clips shown in the show as the number of guns increased when BBC arrived at the infirmary for reporting. Israel told the organization that more weaponry and terrorist assets were present throughout the day.

The IDF claims that their video was a single shot “without any edits”. But it appeared to be edited. “We don’t know the reasons for that edit nor how significant it is,” said the BBC presenter.

The occupied country has shunned impressed that it was manipulating the media. Moreover, Israel’s claims about the presence of weapons do not equate to the IDF spokesman’s statement: “Al Shifa is an operational command centre for Hamas.”

While the US has something else to say that the infirmary was used as a “command-and-control node”, implying that it was a smaller facility.

Israel’s persistence that Hamas was hiding in the hospital without evidence shows that either it has not found any proof or it’s not sharing it.

Meanwhile, former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert told Euronews that the Hamas command centre was in the south of Gaza not in Al Shifa hospital.

“We haven’t yet even come to the heart of this operation. Khan Younis, which is in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, is the real headquarters of Hamas. They have the leadership, they are hiding, they have the bunkers, they have the command positions, they have the launching pads,” he said.

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